Gathr® Partners with Sports Illustrated Tickets to Build “Box Office,” All-New Self-Service Event Management Platform and Primary Blockchain Ticketing Solution

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gathr® today announced that its end-to-end event management, talent/venue booking, ticketing, merchandise sales, and exhibition platform is the engine that powers “Box Office by SI Tickets,” the innovative self-service event management and primary ticketing solution launched by SI Tickets yesterday.

The “Box Office” ticketing platform is built on top of the Gathr engine, enabling SI Tickets to offer the experience of creating, ticketing, launching, managing and tracking events.

The Gathr platform enables “Box Office” to benefit its partners with pricing that’s up to 50 percent lower than the competition and allows hosts and/or performers to earn a share of resale revenues.

Gathr founder and CEO Scott Glosserman stated, “Having Sports Illustrated as our first white label partner speaks to the experience and the quality of the technology that our team has amassed in this space. We are excited about the reciprocal opportunities that our partnership with SI will provide for the thousands of talent and event organizers within Gathr’s community, including the ability to push tickets to SI Tickets’ 3rd party ticketing exchange, and to convert tickets into NFT’s — primarily in order to monetize the secondary market.”

“The existing self-service event management sites haven’t evolved fast enough, as they can only list events and provide software to scan a barcode,” said David Lane, CEO, SI Tickets. “With Box Office, games, shows and conferences of all sizes can now achieve a superior and more cost-effective solution that includes unmatched visibility on a global marketplace, no hardware costs, free credits for their attendees and Sports Illustrated Tickets as their partner.”

About Gathr

Gathr is the world’s first end-to-end event management system that combines talent and venue booking; ticketing; merchandise sales; memberships and in-person, virtual and hybrid exhibition into a single platform. This platform CRM empowers talent and venues to manage bookings and host events by providing them with tools that leverage their fanbase, mitigate financial risk, and monetize their passion. The Gathr team previously created Theatrical On Demand®, which has led the tech-driven event cinema market since August 2011. For more info visit

About SI Tickets

First launched in June 2021, SI Tickets by Sports Illustrated puts the fan experience first. In addition to charging zero ($0) transaction fees on any purchase, SI Tickets also guarantees a 100-percent refund if an event is canceled for any reason. The marketplace has over $2.5 billion of inventory and more than 50 million tickets to over 250,000 sports, concerts and theater productions. SI Tickets also operates Box Office, an innovative, self-service event management and blockchain-backed primary ticketing solution. Box Office is the first global platform to combine a complete NFT ticket solution for events of any size with visibility and adjacency to traditional, non-NFT tickets alongside the aforementioned SI Tickets marketplace., (or download the app on iOS and Android).


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