FXAIR’s Aviator Program Simplifies and Elevates the Premium On-Demand Charter Experience

  • FXAIR sales soared in the first four weeks, validating company’s anticipated customer demand for exceptional aircraft, service and safety
  • Aviator Program is designed to eliminate the booking obstacles clients experience with other providers
  • Account holders enjoy benefits ranging from preferred access to premium aircraft to complimentary catering, Wi-Fi and streamlined bookings

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In just one month since launching as the newest member of the Directional Aviation family of private jet travel providers, FXAIR has arranged premium on-demand charter flights for more than 800 passengers to 125 destinations. This early success, in the midst of a pandemic, validates FXAIR’s foundational premise that the charter industry lacked a provider offering a refined experience and selectively procured aircraft. FXAIR was created because its leaders knew existing and new charter clients desired–and would pay a premium for–exceptional aircraft, service and safety.

Today, FXAIR is taking its commitment of excellence to the next level with the company’s innovative Aviator Program. Offering clients preferred access to second-generation fractional aircraft even on peak travel days, the Aviator Program delivers an exclusive flying experience unmatched by other charter providers. It also includes complimentary catering and domestic Wi-Fi; shortened call-out and cancellation times; streamlined bookings and payments; and access to dedicated 24/7 FXAIR travel advisors to simplify each flight. Clients flying on second-generation fractional aircraft additionally benefit from complimentary de-icing and international Wi-Fi.

“We knew there was a strong business case for a premium operator to enter the charter market, so we felt validated by the high level of interest and bookings in our first month,” said Gregg Slow, FXAIR’s President. “With the Aviator Program, we will enhance the already superior experience our charter clients are getting. More than 40 FXAIR clients opened an Aviator account during its pre-release period prior to today.”

Nearly two-thirds of all flights booked during FXAIR’s first month have been on the provider’s exclusive collection of second-generation fractional aircraft. Top origin cities include New York (TEB) and Palm Beach (PBI), while leading arrival destinations include Los Angeles (VNY) and Jackson Hole (JAC). These early indicators show clients are being attracted to premium, long-range aircraft that aren’t available elsewhere in the charter industry. In order to better serve this type of flyer, FXAIR created a coast-to-coast flat rate for Aviator members. For flights beginning and ending in states on a U.S. coastline (Atlantic and Pacific), clients can fly on a super midsized cabin aircraft for a flat rate of $31,900 when they book a week or more in advance.

FXAIR clients will still be able to charter flights without joining the Aviator Program but they will not enjoy the convenience, complimentary features or preferred access of the second-generation Challenger 300s–the most popular aircraft in the FXAIR network thus far–and Global Expresses.

To activate an Aviator account, clients deposit $100,000 and complete the required paperwork. After that, flights can be booked on-demand using the FXAIR app or website. All booking confirmations are handled via email, so there is no need to sign a new contract before each flight. The cost of each flight is automatically drawn from the customer’s account, which eliminates credit card holds, fees and other funding delays that plague traditional charter operators.

An Aviator account remains active as long as any funds remain in the account. When the account falls below $25,000, the client is asked to replenish it. All funds are fully refundable at any time, and they never expire.

“The Aviator account does something for the client that traditional charter operators don’t: It builds a relationship,” said Slow. “While the rest of the charter industry is focused on the cheapest price and simply processing a transaction, FXAIR is committed to learning about its clients and sourcing the best aircraft for the best price for their mission.”

Headquartered in New York City, FXAIR’s network of premium aircraft includes the Bombardier Challenger 300 and the Global Express. These second-generation fractional aircraft are available for charter only through FXAIR. The FXAIR network also includes individually curated aircraft ranging in size from light cabin to ultra-long-range. Operators within the FXAIR network are vetted to meet the charter industry’s highest safety and quality standards.

To activate your Aviator account, visit FXAIR.com/Aviator-Program. Charter your next flight with FXAIR by downloading the FXAIR app for iPhone® or Google Android, going online to FXAIR.com or calling 866-726-1222. The FXAIR mobile app is available on the App Store® and Google Play Store.1


Founded in 2020, FXAIR is the only charter provider offering on-demand charter access to premium light cabin, mid cabin, super mid cabin, large cabin and ultra long range aircraft including the Challenger 300 and Global Express. In the light cabin category, its aircraft network includes the premium Nextant 400XTi. Launched in September 2020, FXAIR’s Aviator Program offers clients preferred access to these aircraft, even on peak travel days, along with a host of other benefits. The FXAIR network of aircraft comes from providers who meet the most stringent safety standards in the private aviation industry, standards that often exceed the FAA’s regulations. FXAIR is headquartered in New York, New York, and is a member of the Directional Aviation family of companies. For more details on aircraft and programs, visit www.fxair.com and follow @FlyFXAIR on Twitter and Instagram.


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