Future Technologies Announces Over $30 Million Dollars in Private 5G Awards Supporting the U.S. Department of Defense

Future Technologies Enables Connected Warfighter, AR/VR, Drones and Artificial Intelligence for U.S. DoD with Private 5G Networks

SUWANEE, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#MilComFuture Technologies Venture, LLC (“Future Technologies”) announced more than $30 million in Private 5G related projects with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) over the past 12 months. The Department of Defense is investing in Private 5G networks to enhance security and control, which are crucial for handling sensitive communications and supporting advanced applications like real-time data analytics and autonomous systems. These networks ensure operational continuity and enable the use of cutting-edge technologies such as Connected Warfighter, Drone Surveillance, AR, VR, and AI. Additionally, the scalability and flexibility of Private 5G allows the DoD to adapt to changing operational demands, reducing dependency on public infrastructure and enhancing national security and resilience.

“Future Technologies is at a strategic inflection point in this market after 15 years of development, with over 2,500 square mileages of private cellular solutions delivered to date,” said Peter Cappiello, CEO of Future Technologies. “We are uniquely positioned with our team of domain experts to support this growing market across the entire solution lifecycle, with capabilities to provide lab systems, deployable systems, and large macro coverage systems,” Mr. Cappiello added.

For over 15 years, Future Technologies has partnered with the DoD to deploy private cellular networks beginning with 2G to augment Land Mobile Radio systems, 3G/4G for voice & data networks and 5G systems for today’s mission critical use cases.

These Private 5G solutions include various network types:

  • Prototype Lab Systems – Future Technologies provides lab systems to evolve requirements to functional systems to include the development and integration of next generation use cases such as AR/VR and Drone solutions.
  • Deployable Systems – Future Technologies designs, delivers and sustains portable systems with Edge Compute, Core, Radio and Use cases solutions to provide an outdoor test environment, provide capabilities demonstrations or provide portable coverage augmentation to existing networks.
  • Test & Training – Future Technologies provides end to end communications solutions for small to large test and training environments.
  • Base Modernization – Future Technologies designs and delivers fiber, fixed broadband and cellular system solutions to modernize base infrastructure for operational efficiency and advanced capabilities. Future Technologies supports these infrastructure solutions as dedicated private networks (Air gapped) and/or as hybrid public/private networks through collaborations with Mobile Network Operators (MNO) to provide flexibility to the base to include spectrum management, device & SIM management and network operating models.

“Our mission is to deliver secure, reliable connectivity for the modern battlefield,” says Robert Justice, Director of Special Projects. “Private 5G enhances operational continuity and provides unprecedented security, which is of utmost importance for these use cases,” Mr. Justice added.

Future Technologies is an Atlanta, GA-based Lead System Integrator focused on Requirement Definition, Design, Procurement, Deployment and Sustainment of private network solutions for their Fortune 5000 and Federal Government Clients. Future Technologies has also invested in a Living Lab at their Atlanta Headquarters to provide an end-to-end showcase of the Private 5G solutions, Edge Computing/MEC and, most importantly, industry specific use cases, such as Connected Worker, Telemetry, Instrumentation Connectivity, Remote Worker, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality, Asset Health, Inventory Management, Computer Vision, IoT Sensors, Robotics and other solutions.

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About Future Technologies

Future Technologies Venture, LLC is a Lead System Integrator (LSI) specializing in the assessment, planning, design, implementation, and support of innovative communications solutions for vertical markets – Defense, Utility, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Transportation. Future Technologies maintains a strong concentration on emerging standards such as 5G, 4G, Private LTE, WIFI, SCADA and Automation technologies. Future Technologies is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. To Request a Virtual or In-Person tour of the Intel-sponsored Living Lab please contact: Request a Tour or visit futuretechllc.com


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