FuseFX Nominated for Two Visual Effects Awards in Today’s 71st Emmy® Awards Nominations

The Orville and Deadwood: The Movie Recognized for Stellar VFX

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Emmy–The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced today the nominations for the 71st Emmy® Awards. FuseFX, a Los Angeles-based visual effects studio, received two nominations, Outstanding Visual Effects for The Orville and Outstanding Visual Effects in a Supporting Role for Deadwood: The Movie.

FuseFX’s work represents a diverse portfolio of work – with nominations for The Orville and Deadwood: The Movie. Given the ever-changing landscape of television and the rapid production of content, receiving a nomination, let alone multiple nominations is something that FuseFX takes great pride in.

“It’s an honor simply being nominated among so much great work, much less having two nominations for the teams at FuseFX,” said David Altenau, CEO and founder of FuseFX. “To create this level of work requires dedication and hard work day after day, so it’s incredibly meaningful to be recognized by the Television Academy. I couldn’t be prouder of the entire team at FuseFX that make this possible.”

The Orville is an American science fiction comedy-drama television series created by and starring Seth MacFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company. Episode 209, “Identity Part II,” was nominated in large part due to a nearly 8-minute epic space battle unlike anything seen on episodic television. “It’s worth noting that, as the only broadcast network series on the VFX nominations list, The Orville was working with a fraction of the budget of its competitors. The fact that this extraordinary team of artists achieved what they did speaks to their massive talent and dedication,” said Seth MacFarlane.

“To be recognized by the Television Academy is a great honor. But it is a greater honor to be surrounded by unique individuals that come together as a team to create something special. Everyone on this team went above and beyond to deliver that special something to achieve Seth MacFarlane’s vision. For that, I am truly grateful,” said Tommy Tran, VFX supervisor at FuseFX.

Deadwood: The Movie holds a special place for FuseFX as the three principals originally worked on The Deadwood series. Their work on the series would forge a friendship and business partnership that would lead them to create FuseFX. Being the VFX house for Deadwood: The Movie was both nostalgic and fitting for all three principals.

“Deadwood was the first episodic production I supervised after working in features through the 1990s. At the time, I wasn’t quite aware that it would change the trajectory of my career. That production in 2003 laid the foundation for the work and the relationships that would lead to the founding of FuseFX just a few years later. So, to be able to provide the visual effects for the movie 16 years later, and do it through FuseFX was an incredible experience,” added Altenau.

FuseFX VFX Supervisor Eric Hayden took over the mantle for Deadwood: The Movie. “I knew instantly that this production would be different because of the artists involved and the collaborative nature I had with the directors and producers. I felt welcomed by Greg Fienberg (EP) the minute I stepped onto set. When you’re in an environment that is conducive to that positive collaboration, it inspires you to stay up longer and push yourself harder. I’m really proud of the crew of artists who were able to put together some wonderful work. It’s an honor to be nominated.”

About FuseFX:

FuseFX is an award-winning visual effects studio providing visual effects services for episodic television, feature films, commercials, and VR productions. Founded in 2006, by David Altenau (CEO), and Co-Founders Tim Jacobsen (CDO) and Jason Fotter (CTO). The company employs 300+ personnel across three studio locations: our flagship office in Los Angeles, New York City, and Vancouver. For more information about FuseFX’s studio visit http://www.FuseFX.com.

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