FOX News Media Unveils Industry-Leading Election Technology Across Platforms

Real-Time 3D Graphics and Virtual Set Innovation Among Features Designed for an Immersive Viewer Election Night Experience

FOX News Digital to Complement Network Coverage with Interactive Live and Historical Race Data

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FOX News Media will unveil state-of-the-art election technology across its linear and digital platforms during 2020 presidential race coverage on Tuesday, November 3rd. Broadcasting from FOX News Channel’s (FNC) flagship Studio F, Special Report’s Bret Baier and The Story’s Martha MacCallum will utilize new immersive 3D graphics and enhanced studio technology for live updates, providing viewers unprecedented access to the election process and comprehensive insight into the evening’s developments.

Applying industry-leading technology from the company that created Fortnite, real-time 3D graphics and visual effects of a digitally-constructed White House will serve as an immersive backdrop to showcase the status of various races and guide viewers through the most critical developments across both FNC’s and FOX Business Network’s (FBN) live coverage. Constructed to visually breakdown the path to victory in the House and Senate, graphics will feature “Balance of Power” and “Net Gain” indicators to illustrate turnovers of Democrat and Republican held seats as the results are reported. The network’s Presidential Race Scoreboard, National Popular Vote and Electoral Vote count will be highlighted visually through virtual set and special effects technology in Studio F. The studio’s signature video chandelier, featuring 528-square-feet of high-resolution graphics around its 14-foot diameter, will function in tandem with the space’s video floor directly beneath it, displaying the latest generation of digital effects.

FOX News Predictability Meters, designed to calculate how a race in progress is yielding a predicted winner, will be expanded beyond the national level to also analyze possible outcomes of state-by-state races. The “Meters” will provide insight into which candidates hold the winning advantage at any moment in time based upon statistical models, while voting precincts report in and critical votes are being tabulated.

Bill Hemmer’s signature “Bill-board” will also return to provide viewers an interactive presentation platform with new technical capabilities for the 2020 election. Based on real-time data technology, Hemmer’s “Bill-board” will enable a more dynamic view into all election data, census data, and historical data, to drill down state-by-state, county-by-county and illustrate scenarios that can lead the different candidates to the path to victory.

Simultaneously throughout the evening, FOX News Digital will serve as a viewer resource to complement the network’s linear coverage. User tools include a state-by-state visual representation of the vote split along with past data, county level presidential result maps with zooming functionality and historical data, margin of victory data with the capability to examine previous election cycles, and a FOX News “dial” page to track the predictability and probability of races for president, the Senate and the House. The website will also provide a pop-out video player option so users can watch the channel while browsing the site, as well as functions to allow users to personalize their screens to track their favorite races with “My Races.” A real time ticker of results will also run at the bottom of the screen that will mirror what is seen on the linear channel.

The FOX News Mobile App will also feature up-to-the-minute election news, results and information. Real-time data and developments will be provided to the digital audience so users will have the ability to analyze individual state and county-level races and see the results of FOX News Voter Analysis election surveys as polls close in each state. Additionally, users will be able to follow the live updates page throughout the day as the latest races are called, reactions pour in from across the country and live video speeches come into the newsroom.

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