Foster Kid Films & Creative7 Media Kick Off Irl Thriller “Burger Bait”

Part Livestream Series, Part Indie Movie, Part Behind the Scenes Event, and All Meta

Los Angeles, CA (September 1, 2020) – Hot on the trail from their latest Kickstarter campaign, The Umbrella Academy Game, Creative7 Media, a forward-thinking media entity, is excited to announce their latest Kickstarter venture with Foster Kid Films, Burger Bait, launching September 1st.

Burger Bait is a livestreaming event that will take place over the course of making a feature film that will be completely free to watch at the end of 2020. The project uses a unique distribution method, unparalleled behind the scenes access, and a completely new way to create and release a movie that’s never been attempted before. The event will put you on the set of the film virtually, while giving you the ability to interact with everyone working on it. 

From the visionary mind of Chris Foster (Foster Kid Films), the film itself, an exploration of the five minutes of fame phenomenon, is about a young man, ‘Travis’ livestreaming himself at the fast food restaurant he works at, Burger Bait, when everything goes terribly wrong after the chat’s true intentions reveal itself. This is a movie for the internet generation, the up-and-coming next wave of filmmakers, and the misfit livestreaming community… and you get to help make it.

“This is a project that gives unprecedented access into the behind the scenes making of a film which will be invaluable to young filmmakers, giving them insight into every second of what happens on set. This is essentially a $25 film school. I wanted to test the boundaries of both the filmmaking process, as well as the livestreaming medium, to create a totally new method of making a movie. I believe my generation of filmmakers will be able to adopt this process in order to tell stories on ultra-low budgets, while showing the entire process of making them which will not only build an audience for the film while you’re making it, but also create a whole new world of interactive film education that anyone with an internet connection can utilize,” Chris Foster.

Throughout the 30 day Kickstarter campaign, Foster will be livestreaming himself from 12 PM – 12 AM EST daily, documenting every aspect of his life on his YouTube Channel,, where viewers will have full access to his daily activities from production meetings, casting, to conversations with his therapist. “Not only is this a live, interactive experience into the making of a film, but it’s a social experiment where viewers will be able to interact with me as I work to bring this project to life. What happens to someone who is putting everything out there for everyone to see, constantly being bombarded by opinions from strangers on the internet LIVE, while attempting to make a movie? How will it affect the product? How will it affect me?” states Foster.

Kickstarter backers ARE the producers and investors. With perks including Burger Bait merchandise, signed scripts, custom usernames and comments (to be included in the film), naming rights for Burger Bait menu items, attend and participate in virtual production meetings, Producer and Ex. Producer film credits and invites to be on set for filming.

Creative7 Media’s Executive Partner Oren Kamara states “Burger Bait is a perfect example of the type of outside the box thinking we as a company gravitate towards. It encapsulates what emerging media represents and that’s a big part of what Creative7 Media is, a company looking for tomorrow’s projects, today. We are so proud of the campaign that Chris created, it’s so original and clever and showcases an example of new ways we can look at both traditional filmmaking and forward-thinking mediums like Livestreaming. Chris is one of these new and young content creators who aren’t afraid to take risks and push technology and ideas, whether you succeed or fail. The whole concept is totally Gonzo and so weird and that’s also what makes it so cool to us. This entire project is not only a learning process for Chris, but one for everyone that agrees to join him. At only 24 years old, Chris and his campaign will hopefully encourage younger streamers, filmmakers, and movie enthusiasts to get more excited to jump on board when they see that this is a movie made for the internet generation, by the internet generation.”

Burger Bait is more than a film. Creative7 Media and Chris Foster are taking it to another level, with interactive opportunities for “pop-up” Burger Bait’s around the country, to the actual creation of the fictional social media app from the film “Weevr” where you can only livestream yourself one time and then never again. Collaborating with influencers from Twitch, YouTube and other social media platforms for unique content, as well encouraging viewers to participate. If you can only livestream once, what is your story that you would tell? 

“Our industry is not only permanently changing but its suddenly moving into new sectors at lightning speed, allowing space for sub-media categories to pop up such as this new hybrid of, “IRL Filmmaking” (In Real Life). As a company, we want to support innovative projects, big and small, that look to advance the industry and medium for the better. Like it or not, these new sectors are here to stay and it’s important for companies to pay attention and learn to adapt. At Creative7 Media, we have fully embraced this change and built a company that performs at the forefront of this innovative media,” Oren Kamara.

The film will be shot completely on the iPhone 12 Pro and is set to shoot in South Carolina for 10 days at the end of October. Additionally, Chris Foster has opened up the casting process to all for the two lead characters. Actors are welcome to self-submit with more information on Foster Kid Films website,  

For more information on “Burger Bait” visit –  or

About Creative7 Media:

Creative 7 Media is the convergence of several entertainment companies under one banner. We are a forward-thinking media entity at the cross-roads of Film & TV Production, Gaming & Esports, Live Streaming, Music & Live Events, Literary & Publications, Podcasts & Innovative Media. Creative7 Media recently completed the much anticipated Umbrella Academy Card Game Kickstarter campaign with Studio 71 Games. Additionally, C7 just finished production on the short form series, “Weird Weird Times” starring Greg Grunberg & Tiffany Smith. The 12-part series was shot entirely remotely & virtual during the quarantine. Coming up Creative7 is working on several more high-profile game campaigns soon to be announced. Outside of games, Creative7 Media is also working on upcoming projects with the Berrics, the most award-winning skateboarding company in the World, Stan Lee’s POW, Roddenberry Entertainment, and a virtual gaming concert, to name a few.

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