Flux Keyboard – The Keyboard Reinvented

Sydney, 23 March 2023 – Australian startup, Flux Group, yesterday launched the Flux Keyboard, a keyboard that combines the speed and precision of a mechanical keyboard with the adaptability of an embedded display. Their Kickstarter goal of AU$200,000 was fully funded in 8 minutes, hitting AU$1 million just 4 hours later. 

The Flux Keyboard is available for pre-order on Kickstarter, at a Kickstarter special price of $349 USD/$525 AUD. 

Adaptive Display

The Flux Keyboard’s display gives its users the ability to show any icon or character that the user desires on each transparent key, allowing the display of different languages, application-specific shortcuts and styles. Any image, video or even reactive animations can be made into a background on the full high-definition IPS display. 

“Keyboard shortcuts save a lot of time in any software, our goal is to make these obvious and accessible and unlock efficiency in any task, whether it’s for work or play,” said Sebastian Darmasetiawan, Founder and CEO of Flux Group. “I think the process of learning to use new software will also be greatly accelerated”. 

Maglev Key Switches

Instead of traditional mechanical switches or rubber domes found on the majority of keyboards on the market, the Flux Keyboard uses Flux’s Maglev switches which rely on magnets alone to provide the return mechanism. This results in an ultra-low friction operation and can provide a tactile or linear feel. 

Each key also has a user-adjustable actuation point which allows for up to 0.1mm of precision thanks to the Flux Keyboard’s hall effect sensors. The hall effect sensors are ideal for gamers and provide the Flux Keyboard with a polling rate of 1,000hz, a response time of 1-2 milliseconds and rapid-trigger functionality. 

Interchangeable Modules

The Flux Keyboard features a series of modules that can be added or removed along its top length in any combination, providing users with additional customisability and tactile ways to interact with their desired applications and streamline workflows. These modules include:

  • Triple Key Module, which features 3 extra customizable keys
  • Side Dial Module, which features one large dial and a rocker switch
  • Triple Dial Module, which features 3 Dials surrounded by a display
  • Passive Module, which features a window to view information on the display

Hot Swappable Keyframe

The keys are contained within a frame that users can easily swap between linear and tactile switches or to assist in cleaning underneath the keys. 

Key Specifications

  • 75% keyboard layout in ANSI or ISO format
  • 1920 x 1080 IPS display
  • 1,000hz polling rate
  • 1-2ms response time
  • USB C or USB A connection
  • Windows 10/11 and macOS 11+ compatibility, limited Linux compatibility

About Flux Group

Flux Group is a Sydney-based computer hardware company that is bringing innovative and unique computer hardware products to the world. 

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