Fireside Unveils the First Participatory Entertainment Platform Powering the Production Companies of the Future

Fireside Announces Partnership to Power “Entourage” Creator Doug Ellin’s New Production Company Angry Lunch and its First show, “Ramble On,” starring Charlie Sheen, Kevin Connolly & Kevin Dillon

Fireside Extends Platform Capabilities to Offer the First Web3 Content Studio

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fireside unveils the first participatory entertainment platform for creators to power the media empires of the future. Fireside extends its offerings with the first Web3 Content Studio which will provide creators and their production companies the ability to create and interact with their communities and bring their audience into the creative process in unprecedented ways.

Fireside is announcing a partnership to power Angry Lunch, the new production company of “Entourage” creator, Doug Ellin, and his partner, Ted Foxman, for their first new show, “Ramble On.” The company will leverage Fireside’s Web3 Content Studio capabilities to offer a first-of-its-kind NFT membership that allows fans and collectors to observe and participate in their popular podcasts, “Victory the Podcast” and “Hollywood Wayz,” as well as their new series, “Ramble On,” starring Charlie Sheen, Kevin Connolly and Kevin Dillon. With the launch of the new production company, Angry Lunch NFTs will provide early community members with special rewards and exclusive access, including the ability to join in the production and content creation process.

“Fireside is breaking down the fourth wall, turning traditional methods of production on its head. With the help of Fireside, our virtual studio will allow our community to participate in the production process alongside our talented cast and crew,” said Doug Ellin. “Ted and I are beyond excited to share our process with fans.”

Angry Lunch and other production companies that leverage Fireside’s technology will for the first time be able to have complete control over distribution and monetization of their content without needing to rely on third-parties, further solidifying the direct interaction and access that creators and fans want to experience.

Falon Fatemi, Fireside CEO and co-founder said, “This partnership marks a historical moment in establishing the entertainment industry of the future. Angry Lunch is leading the way in revolutionizing creator ownership and community engagement.”

“I first worked with Doug Ellin on ‘Entourage’ and what he and Ted are doing with Angry Lunch is set to be one of the most innovative in the business,” said Fireside Co-Founder Mark Cuban.

The Angry Lunch and Fireside partnership builds on the company’s mission to provide creators with more control over how they build audiences and distribute content. Fireside’s launch last year unlocked the ability for creators to develop innovative new formats that bring the audience into the show. Audiences now have the ability to join the communities of production companies and participate throughout every stage of their creative process.

Over a thousand professional creators are already leveraging Fireside’s platform like “Saturday Night Live” and “Anchorman” star, comedian David Koechner, who is inventing a new format of entertainment with “Make a Show with Me,” the first live crowdsourced improv series where audiences are in the real-time writers’ room. Fireside is the first platform to provide full analytics to understand how audiences are reacting to content in real-time which can also be leveraged as a development tool to pilot concepts before investing further in production.

Currently, Fireside is available on all iOS devices and shows can be consumed through a browser with plans for Android in the near future. For more information or to request access to Fireside, please visit or download Fireside for iOS here.

About Fireside

The future of entertainment is participatory. Fireside is the first entertainment platform where the world’s greatest creators invite you to be part of the show. Co-founded by Falon Fatemi and Mark Cuban, Fireside gives creators the unprecedented ownership and power to distribute shows everywhere with the click of a button, understand what their audiences want with sophisticated analytics and connect with those audiences in real time. Via Fireside, entire new entertainment formats are being invented by Jay Leno, Comedian David Koechner, the creator and cast of HBO’s hit show “Entourage,” and more. The next media empires are emerging on Fireside. For more information or to request access to Fireside, please visit or download Fireside for iOS here.

About Angry Lunch

Angry Lunch is an independent production company whose mission is to provide maximum freedom for creators to deliver entertaining content in partnership with the world’s leading distribution platforms. Led by Ted Foxman and Doug Ellin, Angry Lunch seeks strategic partnerships with content developers, studios, distribution firms and agencies to produce high quality, culture shifting and entertaining programming.


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