Filmmaker Chooses JVC for Unmatched Performance During Iconic Fashion Events in Major Cities

FashionStock Productions Elevates Runway Filming With Feature-packed Cameras from JVC

NEW YORK, MAY 15, 2024 — For more than three decades, FashionStock Productions has been a trailblazer in capturing the essence of fashion runways and events across the globe. As the visionary owner of the production company, Anton Oparin looks to keep his video quality as pristine as possible, which he accomplishes with a selection of cameras from JVC Professional Video, a division of JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation. Included among these are a trio of JVC GY-HC500 Series CONNECTED CAM™ Handheld Production Cameras, which he deploys alongside other JVC camcorders. 

FashionStock Productions boasts an extensive archive of over six million images and more than 10 thousand hours of video, spanning iconic fashion week events in New York, London, Milan, Paris, Miami and Los Angeles. The company’s journey began in the U.S. in 1996, and today, it stands as an industry leader with a focus on delivering high-quality footage and images.

FashionStock will be on the runway in South Beach, May 29 to June 3, at Miami Swim Week 2024 with a variety of JVC solutions, including Oparin’s three GY-HC500 series cameras. Recognized as the world’s premier event for swimwear and resort collections, the Miami Swim Week 2024 lineup includes over 50 top designers, renowned models and celebrity experiences. “This season, we will completely upgrade our live video shoot, edit and broadcast to a 4K/60p format. This multi-camera broadcast setup does not exist anywhere else in the fashion world, and we look forward to seeing the plans come to life,” says Oparin.   

While this is just the latest event that Oparin has on the books for his JVC cameras, he has been using the brand since 2012. “In the world of fashion, where every detail matters, JVC cameras have proven to be indispensable for our productions,” says Oparin. “The cameras’ ENG design allows for efficient, single-person operation during fast-paced fashion events, while their unique features make them stand out in the competitive landscape. JVC understands the needs of video production professionals, and the brand’s cameras offer the comfort and functionality required for solo operation. This is one of the main reasons we chose the JVC GY-HC500U model. I use JVC cameras both as a standalone solution and as one of the main cameras for our live video production system.”

The newer 500 Series CONNECTED CAM™ production cameras bring several advancements that are beneficial to FashionStock, including a powerful 28-300mm branded lens with continuous auto-focus and multiple face recognition options. Oparin highlighted the importance of these features in capturing dynamic runway shows where fashion models move rapidly. 

“The auto-focus and face recognition options make it possible to follow the models no matter how fast they’re moving down the runway, especially when a solo operator needs to adjust for light and dark clothing quickly,” he says. “The placement of these controls on the left side of the camera body for easy access, and the powerful zoom and integrated lens option located conveniently below the right-hand fingertips, exemplifies how JVC pays attention to even the smallest details.” 

According to Oparin, “From a technical aspect, the cameras’ 10-bit color, ability to record in 4K at 60 frames per second and convenience of an internal solid-state drive are all game changers. With the 4K/60p image quality, you can see the difference when recording .MP4 and .MOV files to SDXC cards. The cameras’ wider dynamic range also provides added flexibility for color and exposure correction.”

At New York Fashion Week, Oparin’s team livestreamed multiple shows in challenging lighting conditions. “With live productions, it is important to have reliable remote controls—this is where the JVC CONNECTED CAM™ features really excel,” he explains. “Being able to control and monitor the camera over IP with any mobile device or computer has been great. The possibility to correct exposure or color for remotely rigged cameras using Wi-Fi is beneficial because many times the team has to rig the cameras prior to the lighting aspects of the space being set up. We can also start/stop recordings remotely, which brings peace-of-mind and saves space on memory cards or the internal SSD drive. We sometimes do not have direct access to the cameras throughout a shoot, so having reliable remote controls is essential.”

In addition to praising the technical capabilities of JVC cameras, Oparin emphasized their cost-effectiveness, ease of use and reliability. He says that the affordability of JVC cameras allows FashionStock Productions to maintain a competitive edge in the industry without compromising on quality. He also praised the cameras’ ergonomics, weight, battery life and camera charging options while in use, as well as the quick turnaround for camera setup prior to the start of an event.

Some of Oparin’s other favorite features include the end-to-end streaming capabilities with the CONNECTED CAM™ models and built-in LCD screen, which eliminates the need for an external monitor. 

Finally, Oparin says: “I love to share our positive experiences and help other videographers understand how JVC cameras can be a game-changer, producing high-quality content without breaking the bank. The features and possibilities provided by JVC’s cameras are endless and I think more live production camera operators should start to use them, especially in the fashion industry. FashionStock Productions invites industry professionals and enthusiasts to explore our YouTube channel (, which has garnered over 100 million views, showcasing the incredible footage captured with JVC cameras.”

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