FibSWAP Announces the World’s First Revolutionary Payment Gateway for NFT Marketplaces That Allows Payment in Different Cryptocurrencies

Dubai, United Arab Emirates–(Newsfile Corp. – June 30, 2022) – FibSWAP DEx® to release a revolutionary payment gateway for NFT Marketplaces which allows buyers to pay with any token inside our bridge chains. Currently options for buyers to pay in tokens are very limited for all marketplaces, with FibPal this will no longer be the case.

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FibSWAP to release FibPal – multichain payment gateway for NFTs

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FibSWAP DEx® is an interoperable multi-chain decentralized exchange that allows people to swap tokens between different EVM chains. They are releasing a new payment solution, FibPal to take that same technology and apply it directly on NFT marketplaces.

Marketplaces payment methods

Currently, NFT Marketplaces are very limited when it comes to giving buyers options for payment. For example, one of the biggest marketplaces, Opensea, only accepts ethereum and polygon as a form of payment. This limits buyer options due to the fact that holders may have other tokens they would like to pay with.

About FibPal™, FibSWAP DEx™, roadmap and timelines

FibPal is currently partnered with many NFT marketplaces so far to implement the payment solution. The FibSWAP DEx® core team who is developing FibPal states that FibPal would be released in Q2 of 2022.

FibSWAP DEx® has their own governance token $FIBO.

About FibSWAP

FibSWAP DEx® aims to disrupt the crypto trading world by enabling users to swap tokens across multiple chains using something called IMBS (Interoperable Multi Chain Bridge System). This creates a bridge, which will allow users to swap tokens from one chain to another in one seamless, instant transaction. FibSWAP DEx will have the lowest fees on the market with its unique lowest fee swap aggregator.

For more information about FibPal, join the FibSWAP DEx® telegram where you can speak directly to the FibSWAP DEx® core team. FibSWAP DEx® will provide more information in the coming days, regarding FibPal.

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