FEITIAN Technologies Announces FKaaS™ – FEITIAN Key as a Service

Subscription model + auto deployment eases enterprise adoption of passwordless authentication.

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#FIDO–RSA CONFERENCE — FEITIAN Technologies, a leading provider of high assurance identity, access and non-phishable authentication solutions, today launched the FKaaS™ (FEITIAN Key as a Service) solution with available auto-deployment, aimed at helping large and mid-size enterprises, who are increasingly subject to phishing and credential-based authentication attacks, protect their workforces with passwordless authentication.

The FKaaS service allows enterprises to acquire hardware FIDO® FEITIAN keys with pre-integrated support for passwordless authentication via a subscription model paid for over a three-year period. FEITIAN also announced auto deployment capabilities that allow enterprise to pre-deploy and assign individual keys to their workforce.

According to Tibi Zhang, Vice President and General Manager, of FEITIAN Technologies US, “FKaaS with auto-deployment simplifies the process for enterprises to acquire and deploy FIDO security keys for their workforce.” Zhang goes on to add, “For enterprises that are seeking to outfit their workforce with multifactor authentication, FKaaS can acquire a competitively priced product offering by leveraging their operational (OpEx) budgets.”

Benefits of using the FEITIAN FKaaS program include:

  • Free Shipping in the US for keys to enterprise facilities. Additional logistics for a fee.
  • Priority Support: In addition to the initial procurement of the hardware keys, FKaaS also includes priority technical support for subscribing organizations.
  • Rapid Replacement of damaged or lost keys based on a defined percentage.
  • Optional automated pre-deployment: FEITIAN eases the burden from IT to configure individual keys for a larger user population. FEITIAN can deliver customized deployment files so that users can receive a FIDO key that is pre-configured for each defined user.

The FKaaS program is being rolled out to enterprise customers in the US with a need for more than 500 keys. FEITIAN products currently included in the program are:

  1. ePass FIDO2 NFC Series Security Keys – includes K9-B (USB-A) and K40+ (USB-C) with device-bound passkeys, PIV/PKI certificate slots, and NFC for contactless authentication.
  2. BioPass FIDO2 K-26 Biometric FIDO2 Key with built-in fingerprint sensor and PIV/PKI certificate slots.
  3. iePass FIDO2 K-44 Key for Mobile with Lightening and USB-C capabilities plus NFC interface, ideal for Apple iOS and mobile devices.

FKaaS will appeal to organizations who are looking to:

  • Lower their capital requirements: Enterprises can acquire hardware FIDO tokens via a subscription model without requiring a large up front capital outlay.
  • Leverage better predictability: Organization may choose to utilize OpEx to pay for security keys over a three-year period, allowing them to forecast their spend on security and authentication.
  • Reduce down-time with rapid replacement, making sure business operations continue to operate securely.
  • Reduce deployment complexity: Maintain IT control while eliminating complexity.

As reported in the 2023 Gartner Many flavors of Authentication Report, “During the past two decades, several vendors offered ‘hybrid tokens’ that functioned as OTP display, tokens and X.509 USB tokens, and some smart card vendors added OTP displays to their cards. However, neither of these approaches gained much traction in the market. Recently, we have seen increased client interest in USB and wireless tokens from FEITIAN Technologies, and other vendors that can be used as X.509, OTP and FIDO2 tokens. We also see some smart card vendors adding FIDO2 capability to their cards.”*

FEITIAN provides FIDO authentication solutions in key and smart card form factors with various means of protecting end-point devices at time of login, such as Windows laptops, MacBooks, iOS and Android mobile devices. FEITIAN also provides government grade security for higher assurance applications for Federal, State and Local as well as regulated industries.

Gartner, Innovation Insight for Many Flavors of Authentication Token, By Ant Allan, James Hoover, 30 March 2023

FKaaS™ – is a trademark of FEITIAN Technologies US, Inc.

FIDO® – is a registered trademark of the FIDO Alliance

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