FAVER to Raise Early-Round Capital to Launch App Focused on Giving, Getting and Organizing Trusted Recommendations

Previously self-funded and in stealth mode, FAVER is ready to productize its technology for capturing word-of-mouth recommendations for products, services and entertainment, saving consumers time and money with purchasing decisions

LEHI, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FAVER (faver.it), the company focused on helping you live life better through reliable, trusted recommendations, launched a funding campaign today to raise early-round capital. The company has been in stealth mode and founder-funded, creating a platform that provides trusted recommendations for anything.

FAVER is raising the capital through FundMe at https://bit.ly/3iAr9Xr—a digital offering platform to acquire funding through accredited and non-accredited investors—and a subsequent traditional Regulation D raise, both underwritten by Clarity Partners Capital. Funds will be used to go to market with an app that helps users easily share, receive and organize word-of-mouth recommendations from trusted friends to quickly and easily find their next treasured experience—be it a book, movie, TV show, restaurant, product, service, travel destination and everything in between.

“FAVER takes the ‘trial-and-error’ out of consumer choices and enables you to capture word-of-mouth recommendations from the people you trust who have already ‘been there, done that,’” said Brandon Towner, founder and CEO of FAVER. “Life is short. FAVER helps you avoid that buyer’s remorse feeling we’ve all felt while maximizing your precious time and money. FAVER is made for anyone who wants to experience the best life has to offer and not have to waste hours doing research trying to find it.”

FAVER saves people money and time otherwise wasted researching online, attempting to find the best products and services. While word-of-mouth recommendations are the most effective way to learn about new products and services, surprisingly, most of those conversations happen in an offline setting. As we find ourselves with less face-to-face time than ever before, FAVER allows people to capture those valuable recommendations even when they can’t be together.

Most consumers today turn to product review sites, online customer reviews and social media recommendations to research choices online. Each of those options has weaknesses: product review sites offer unknown peoples’ opinions; online customer reviews are often faked; and recommendations from your vast group of connections on social media can be unfocused and overwhelming. FAVER reduces research time from hours to mere minutes—it’s the only technology platform that truly captures the reliable word-of-mouth conversations that occur every day to help users live life better.

When you need to know the best entertainment, the most reliable products and services, or travel secrets for a destination from trusted friends, family and colleagues, FAVER can provide it for you, almost instantly. FAVER succeeds by focusing on interactions between trusted people, organized in clubs, that share real-world, common interests. Users ask for a FAVER—or recommendation—from those curated networks of trusted friends based on their experience. From there, they can build Bucket Lists of the products and experiences they’d like to enjoy in the future.

“FAVER helps you live life better, focusing on the things that matter most—your family, your job, and creating memories during the in-between moments that enable you to experience life at its fullest,” Towner said. “We want to help you spend more time doing and less time trying to decide what to do.”

Interested investors can learn more about FAVER and contribute to the capital raise at FundMe at https://bit.ly/3iAr9Xr or contact Investor Relations directly at ir@faver.it.


FAVER is the first platform that allows you to truly capture word-of-mouth recommendations when you need them, from the people you trust most. Instead of wasting time researching the best movies, books, entertainment, products and services, ask your trusted friends for a FAVER instead.

Available as an app on your favorite device, FAVER gives you instant recommendations from people you know and trust. Want to know the best self-help books? FAVER it. What are the funniest rom-coms? Ask for a FAVER. What’s the best battery powered lawn mower? Go find your FAVER.it.

No more spending hours researching products or scrolling through your streaming service to find something to watch. FAVER it and get the best recommendations instantly.

Visit FAVER.it to learn more, and keep an eye out for the app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store coming soon.


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