Executive Search Firm with Over 8,000 Placements Goes Through Digital Transformation to Accelerate Market Leadership

The Mullings Group has over 30 years of search experience across 700 companies in HealthTech, MedTech, Biotechnology and Life Sciences and is a leading member within the MRINetwork

AUSTIN, Texas, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — This week, Loxo announced that The Mullings Group has selected Loxo’s Talent Intelligence Platform to accelerate market leadership. The Mullings Group is the Global Leader in Talent Access and Branding in the MedTech, Healthtech and Life Sciences industries including:

  • 8,000+ successful placements
  • 700+ different companies
  • 6 out of 7 continents
  • 30+ years in business
  • Consistently one of the top MRINetwork Offices within the MRINetwork of over 300 Executive Search Firms

“We have been building a business that happens to be a search firm for years. The Mullings Group has always looked at the search business in a unique way. We are the only search firm in the world that has its own media and production company, uses business and data intelligence to drive outcomes, and has multiple facilities around the globe”, said Joe Mullings Chairman & CEO of the Mullings Group Companies.

“We continue to expand our footprint. Our annual per desk average billing is over $1 million per year which is nearly 5x the industry average. We needed an ATS / CRM partner that understood present-day search and talent access but also positioned itself for the evolving world of work and after evaluating nearly a dozen platforms, Loxo was our choice.”

“The executive search and entire professional recruiting industry has entered what will be the biggest digital transformation since the transition from desktop software to online cloud based software in the early 2000’s,” said Matt Chambers, Founder and CEO of Loxo.

  • Technology is playing an ever increasing role in how executive search and professional recruiting consultants accomplish their job responsibilities in the most efficient way possible.
  • The Mullings Group previously used an applicant tracking system called PCRecruiter for many years, before building their own proprietary database.

“When The Mullings Group made their decision to select Loxo after evaluating nearly a dozen platforms, I have to admit it was a special moment because we knew how much time and resources they invested into evaluating the very best ATS/CRMs in the market and how high their bar is in everything they do. They invested hundreds of hours into researching, sitting through product demos, doing back channel references across their networks and eventually doing extensive trials with the top finalists. We couldn’t be more excited to help contribute towards their continued success in the years to come,” said Matt Chambers.

About Joe Mullings:

Joe is the Chairman & CEO of The Mullings Group Companies, including TMG Search, Dragonfly Stories & TMG360 Media. The search firm is responsible for more than 8,000 successful searches in the medtech / healthtech / life sciences industry with clients ranging from multi-billion-dollar companies to emerging tech startups worldwide. Dragonfly Stories, which produces attention & awareness campaigns for companies globally, is the media production company behind the 7x Telly Award-Winning video docuseries, “TrueFuture,” of which Joe is the host. TMG360 Media utilizes the power of media and outreach in medtech / healthtech to move businesses and health forward. In 2020, Joe was appointed Chief Vision Officer for MRINetwork, Inc. MRINetwork includes over 300 search firms around the world, where Joe guides the digital transformation of the organization bringing video storytelling strategies and techniques for talent access, which he innovated at The Mullings Group.

About The Mullings Group:

In 1992, The Mullings Group decided to go “all in” on medical device because people were not only living longer but wanting to live healthier and we know technology would always seek a higher ground. Since then, we have successfully completed more than 8,000 searches in the medtech / healthtech / life sciences industry with over 700 companies globally.

As the only search firm in the world with a full media and marketing arm in our organization, we understand how critical it is to tell stories at scale to support attention & awareness, M&A, Recruiting & Talent Access for emerging technology companies. Our 7-time Telly Award-Winning media and production company, Dragonfly Stories, has created content for some of the most successful medtech firms in the world.

Being the most recognized hiring brand in the medtech space is important to consider as you bring your hiring brand to market. We have established ourselves as the Subject Matter Experts in developing companies and careers. With over 100,000 sets of eyes on us every day on career platforms like LinkedIn, where careers are built, we are the trusted partner in the industry.

About Loxo
Loxo is the #1 Talent Intelligence Platform and global leader in recruiting software. Loxo is a horizontally integrated suite of data-driven and AI-powered products designed to manage the full recruitment life cycle through a single system-of-record software platform. The platform includes a best-in-class ATS, an AI-driven recruiting CRM, talent graph of over 750 million people, with contact information including verified mobile phone, personal and work emails. The instant AI sourcing, ranking and matching, and multi-channel outbound recruiting solution makes identifying, engaging and hiring the very best possible talent easier than ever before. More than 4,300 Executive Search, RPO, professional recruitment and talent acquisition teams across the globe are using Loxo to become hiring machines. Learn more at https://loxo.co/

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