Evercoast Volumetrically Captures President Zelensky from Kyiv to Address the Global Tech Community

LONDON & NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed Europe’s top tech entrepreneurs, investors and corporate leaders today via 3D volumetric video produced with Evercoast technology. The volumetric video debuted today during Founders Forum London in an effort to compel the region’s most influential innovators to donate financial and technological resources to begin rebuilding Ukraine. Evercoast’s industry-leading, portable volumetric video system captured Zelenksy’s address in Kyiv in 3D for a mobile augmented reality experience, available through the QR codes available here: https://ff.evercoast.com

Even amidst the devastation of war, Zelensky said Ukraine continues to develop and pledged to make digital transformation central to his nation’s rebuild. President Zelensky’s 3D volumentric video represents that commitment. In his speech, President Zelensky encourages the world’s most influential innovators to donate financial and technological resources to begin rebuilding Ukraine.

“Ukraine is a chance for a global digital revolution,” he said; “a chance for every technology company and a chance for every visionary to show their value, skills, technologies and ambitions.”

Evercoast’s 3D volumetric video debuted alongside a hologram of Zelensky’s speech at four of Europe’s largest tech festivals: Stockholm’s Brilliant Minds, London’s Founders Forum, Amsterdam’s The Next Web and Paris’ Vivatech. His holographic telepresence, produced by Talesmith, was also live-streamed to Dublin Tech Summit, The AI Summit at London Tech Week and SuperReturn Berlin, expanding the reach of his address to 200,000 leaders across every vertical of the tech industry.

“Evercoast had the extraordinary opportunity to produce and deliver a seminal moment in volumetric video with a holographic capture of President Zelensky from Kyiv. This is an incredibly important message from a leader whose country is under siege, and Evercoast is honored to have been a part of this,” said Ben Nunez, Co-founder and CEO at Evercoast.

Evercoast’s volumetric capture hardware used for the project is being donated to the Ukrainian government, to enable continued communications in extended reality formats. The production was made on location in Kyiv and at Garden Studios in London. The project was created by Martin Williams (Talesmith) and Thomas Hoegh (Garden Studios), directed by Martin Williams, and produced by Mark Wright (Talesmith) and Thomas Hoegh.

About Evercoast

Evercoast enables a new age of content and communication in the form of 3D digital humans. They provide industry-leading capture, rendering, and streaming of high-quality, cost-effective 3D volumetric video for use in virtual production, mobile augmented reality, virtual reality, and the growing metaverse. Evercoast’s cloud software platform powers real-time telepresence and recorded 3D digital humans for clients like Verizon, Comcast, WarnerMedia, AbbVie, NYU, Providence Health, and others.


Stephanie Solares

Raz Public Relations for Evercoast


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