Entrepreneurship Expert Lucas Azevedo Invited to Exclusive Design Leadership Forum

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lucas Azevedo’s journey of entrepreneurship started young. Lucas grew up in a working class family in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He grew up in an economy transitioning from military dictatorship to democracy and joined a new wave of entrepreneurship. The markets were opening.

Lucas excelled at business and technology joining Hotmart right out of college. Lucas helped Hotmart grow into an e-commerce leader with 7 million users. Lucas implemented the most important parts of the Hotmart application – designing Hotmart’s customer checkout. This led to Hotmart expanding into 180 countries. Endeavor Entrepreneurs ranked Hotmart as a top 40 company.

Building on his work at Hotmart, Lucas set his sights on the United States and landed a job leading user experience at Tenfold. One of Silicon Valley’s top-rated companies. It all started with a dream of turning ideas into reality – and a little hustle. “Ideas are fun to speak about with friends. But the real fun is when you wake up, get to work, and make the idea a reality,” says Lucas.

In analyzing Lucas’ work in the field of technology entrepreneurship, with his publication “Augmented Reality Trainer (ART): Low Cost Always Available Personal Fitness Trainer” readers gain a critical insight into intrinsic motivation. Lucas proves that augmented reality applications lead to increased motivation. He does this by showing how intrinsic motivation theory combines with augmented reality. Experts have used intrinsic motivation theory to confirm that motivation increases when participants feel in-control. Lucas describes real world examples of how to build augmented reality applications with intrinsic motivation, which gives participants more control.

Lucas also published a Forbes Magazine article on July 10, 2019. Titled “Building AR/VR Solutions That Appeal to Consumers: Three Tips For Entrepreneurs.” Lucas’ work in the field paves the way for how AR/VR applications can create immersive experiences. Forbes Magazine later selected Lucas to write on an expert panel. Publishing the work as “5 Tactical Steps For Creating Your Project’s Execution Plan.” In the expert panel, Lucas shares his advice to get more feedback to ensure ideas are viable.

For this reason, InVision selected Lucas to join its Design Leadership Forum. The Forum selects the best in design leadership. To learn from each other and share solutions to common problems.


Adam Fry-Pierce

Director, Design Community

InVisionApp, Inc.


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