Edison Mail, The Most Popular Independent Email App Now Available for Mac — Giving Consumers Control Over Privacy & Ads

Americans spend almost six hours per day checking email; Edison Mail for Mac offers faster, secure, and intuitive app that connects to unlimited accounts and relieves inbox stress.

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#EdisonMacAppEdison Mail, the award-winning AI-based independent mail app for secure mailbox management on iOS and Android, today announced its highly anticipated launch debut on Mac computers. Engineered from the ground up to eliminate common frustrations with desktop email, Edison Mail for Mac offers the app’s celebrated functionality to fight email overload in an elegant, minimalist UI that will further save consumers time. The new app is available by exclusive invitation to current Edison Mail users, rolling out throughout December and ongoing. The general public can sign up to be invited to use the app at http://mail.edison.tech/mac.

The new app is built for the millions of consumers who already use Edison Mail on iOS and Android and have previously requested a version of the app for desktop. A 2018 national study1 by Adobe about American email usage indicates that U.S. consumers spend as much as 5.6 hours per day checking email (2.5 hours checking personal email and 3.1 hours checking work email) — a staggering amount of time that may be wasted if your current desktop email app is clunky or unreliable.

Edison Mail for Mac includes its flagship feature to One-Click Unsubscribe from junk, as well as convenient abilities like Block Sender to banish unwanted email from your inbox for good and automatic Read Receipt Blocking to protect yourself from advertisers who will no longer be able to track you personally or know about any email you open. Essential features for email “power users” are also built-in, including Dark Mode to reduce potential eye strain, Swipe Gestures to whip through managing mail faster, and Unified Inbox compatibility for nearly all email providers to manage unlimited email accounts all in one place. Edison Mail for Mac supports use with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, iCloud, and many other mail providers.

Edison Mail for Mac also introduces thoughtful, brand new features that are designed to maximize mailbox efficiency for desktop users. New Keyboard Shortcuts are available in three settings of your choice — (1) default Edison Mail shortcuts, (2) shortcuts you’re already familiar with from other mail providers like Apple Mail, Gmail, Inbox by Gmail, or Outlook, and (3) the ability to make your own shortcuts (e.g. command+R to reply or backspace key to trash messages you’ve selected). New Threading allows you to view all of your emails on the same subject together (even for non-Gmail accounts that don’t support Threading) and new Email Templates simplify the task of sending repeated emails with the same content. Additionally, the ability to Search Settings allows you to easily find a setting item you’re seeking, for example you can search, “Dark Mode”, “Font”, and other items instead of having to navigate through all options.

“Consumers have told us their frustrations with current desktop mail apps and we’ve built an independent alternative in Edison Mail to solve them. Frequent complaints range from current apps being too slow at fetching important emails to poor design getting in the way of productivity. Edison Mail for Mac is fast, simple, and built to give you more control over an unruly inbox, whether you have multiple accounts or massive amounts of email,” said Mikael Berner, CEO at Edison.

Heavy email users will be delighted at the speed, control, and shortcuts available in Edison Mail for Mac, while more casual users will appreciate its uncluttered design to navigate their inbox more intuitively.

Looking Ahead

In addition to the core feature set included in the Edison Mail for Mac initial release, several more updates will roll out in 2020 and beyond. Support for Exchange mail service is not yet available, but will be coming soon. Edison Mail for Windows will be released in 2020.

Edison Mail for iOS and Android

Today, Edison Mail also released a new version of its app for iOS and Android featuring Assistant, a new feature to preview your upcoming meetings, travel, bills, missed calendar invitations, and forgotten subscriptions all in one place. Never worry about missing important information in your mailbox again.

Edison Mail has blocked over 1 billion read receipt tracking attempts last year for its users, sent 14 million+ flight notifications (i.e. on-time vs. delayed, gate changes, etc.), tracked shipping for over 115 million packages, and organized over 660 million receipts.

Edison Software’s Developer API and research-backed business model ensures that Edison Mail will remain a reliable and privacy-forward alternative for consumers looking for an ad-free, faster, simpler, smarter, and independent mail app.


Download screenshots of Edison Mail for Mac here.

Download screenshots of Edison Mail Assistant for iOS here and Android here.

Sign up to be invited to use Edison Mail for Mac at http://mail.edison.tech/mac
Sign up to join the Edison Mail beta program and try out future releases here.

Read about Edison’s Privacy Commitments: https://privacy.edison.tech/

About Edison Software

Edison Software is transforming the way people communicate with innovative, AI-driven products, including: the award-winning Edison Mail application, Edison Trends e-commerce research and Edison API. Funded by Mayfield, USVP, Nautilus Venture Partners and Emerillon Capital, Edison is headquartered in San Jose, California.

For more information visit www.edison.tech. Follow us @edison_apps and @edisontrends on Twitter.

1Source: “2018 Adobe Consumer Email Survey,” August 2018, https://www.slideshare.net/adobe/2018-adobe-consumer-email-survey


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