DYPER™ Now Offers Smart Virtual Care for Children to Safely Diagnose, Treat, and Prescribe for Common Ailments

Partnership with Clever Health provides 24×7 on-demand medical access and discounted prescriptions to parents seeking quick answers

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DYPER™, the responsible diapering company that cares for your baby and their planet, today launched a virtual platform to help parents and caregivers access easier, faster, and more affordable medical care. Whether it’s a 3:00 AM diaper change or putting to rest the health concerns of first-time parents, DYPER is there to support caregivers through every baby step of their parenting journey.

DYPER Telehealth, in partnership with Clever Health™, provides on-demand medical access for non-emergency conditions such as cold & flu, sinus infection, nausea, UTIs, allergies, pink eye and more. Parents can easily and quickly access quality care from licensed doctors in the comfort of their own homes. Users can choose the modality that works best for them and their schedule – real-time phone/video consultations or convenient Smart Virtual Care. Additionally, users can save up to 80% on over 55,000 FDA-approved medications, 40% of which cost $10 or less, and are accepted by over 80,000 pharmacies nationwide.

“DYPER Telehealth is the next step in DYPER’s mission to providing a 360-degree approach to the health and wellness of your child,” said Sergio Radovcic, Founder and CEO of DYPER. “Whether it’s our continual efforts to make a fully plant-based diaper that is kind to the skin of infants, our innovative end-of-life solutions that keep diapers out of landfills to create a brighter future for children, or offering tests and services designed to keep your baby at optimal health, DYPER is devoted to being the trusted diaper company that is truly kind to families in every sense of the word. DYPER is truly there for you and your child, day and night.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with DYPER, the world’s most responsible and sustainable diaper company. I have had the pleasure of working with DYPER’s CEO, Sergio Radovcic, in the past, and his vision, innovation and passion for doing the right thing are second to none. When we built Clever Health, the mission was to provide Virtual Care to All in need. The partnership with DYPER allows us to help new moms, babies and young children navigate through many health challenges and bring some peace of mind during stressful times,” said Jim Prendergast, Founder and CEO of Clever Health.

Virtual medical consultations will cost $59.00, regardless of health insurance provider or status, and will be with a credentialed, licensed medical professional for caregivers and/or their child. The average appointment duration is under 7 minutes, from the intake questionnaire to diagnosis. DYPER subscribers will receive a 20% discount on telehealth purchases.

Accessible in two distinct ways, depending on user preferences:

  • Async Visit: The physician is able to gather all the member information, analyze that data, match it to evidence-based care and make a diagnosis, in most cases, without having to speak with the member.
  • Phone / Video Visit: The physician and member will communicate directly during the visit.

Simply decide on the type of consult that works best for your situation – real-time phone/video or asynchronous), and receive a unique code. Download the Clever Health app for your device and enter the code received in your confirmation email. Connect securely with a credentialed, licensed medical professional in your state using your preferred communication method.

Additional DYPER offerings include:

  • DYPER Health: DYPER offers at-home testing to deliver science-based insights into the pressing questions many families have. Offerings include the DYPER Baby Gut Health Kit, Children’s Advanced DNA Kit, Breast Milk Test Kit and Adult Vaginal Microbiome Test Kit, with more tests on the way.
  • REDYPER™: DYPER aims to keep their used products out of landfills through their optional REDYPER program, in which families can opt into curbside pickup (in 22+ cities and growing) or ship their soiled products back for responsible disposal. To date, over 11.5 million pounds of dirty diapers have been diverted from the landfill and converted into beneficial topsoil.
  • BYOCHAR: DYPER is expanding their REDYPER capabilities through their newly announced BYOCHAR technology, which will help reduce landfill waste by converting soiled diapers and wipes into usable biochar at scale.
  • DYPER Perks Program: Customers are rewarded for choosing DYPER to better care for their baby and the planet, and receive points for just about anything, from joining the Perks Program to celebrating birthdays, following DYPER on social media and making purchases. Points can be converted into cash discounts or free products, with special category bonuses. Users can share unique referral links to earn bonus points and give friends $25 off their first recurring delivery.

DYPER is a leader in the environmentally responsible disposable diaper category with its diapers constructed from plant-based materials and made without harmful ingredients, including without chlorine, latex, alcohol, lotions, TBT, and Phthalates. They’re unprinted, unscented, soft to the touch, yet extremely durable and absorbent, and made with plant-based materials such as viscose from Bamboo.

DYPER products are available at DYPER.com, as well as at select online and brick-and-mortar retailers including Amazon, Babylist, Thrive Market, Whole Foods Market, and Walmart.

Disclosure. Clever Health is not insurance and is not intended to replace health insurance.

About DYPER™

DYPER, a Certified B Corp, is the simply kind and responsible diaper company that cares for your baby and their planet. DYPER takes this pledge seriously and strives to be kind with each material selection, partner choice and customer interaction. Kind Business: Proudly B Corp Certified means the highest standards of independently verified performance, accountability, environmental stewardship, and transparency are met. Kind Materials: Products are designed to prioritize plant-based ingredients and are made without harmful chemicals. Diapers are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified for safety and DermaTest® 5-star clinically tested for skin compatibility. Kind Sourcing: Wood pulp is sourced from responsibly managed forests and the supply chain is independently audited. Viscose from Bamboo is OEKO-TEX® STeP certified, verifying environmentally and socially responsible production. Kind Disposal: Customers can reduce the impact of diapering with their optional REDYPER™ program, in which used diapers and wipes are returned for centralized commercial composting. Learn more at DYPER.com.

About Clever Health™

Forget everything you know about telehealth.There is a better, more clever approach.

The sun is setting on the old way and rising to a new innovative future. The dawn of smart virtual care is here. Clever Health drives down costs while providing a better experience for the patient and the physician, increasing clinical efficacy and improving the overall health of members. Services include smart virtual care, concierge medical providers, integrated prescription savings, mental health support and virtual vet, that are faster, better and more affordable. The app is available for download in the Apple Store and Google Play. Learn more at cleverhealth.ai.


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