Doom Eternal Is Here!

Humanity teeters on the brink of extinction as demons overrun the Earth. Only one hope remains for the survival of mankind against Hell’s onslaught…after all, the only thing they fear is YOU.


In DOOM Eternal, become the DOOM Slayer and save the world from the legions of Hell in an epic single-player campaign.

Take up your fearsome arsenal of upgradable weapons, devastating equipment, incredible abilities and pure brute force as you fight for humanity’s survival. Rip and tear across Earth, Hell and other dimensions fueled by id Software’s trademark high-speed, push-forward combat and an original head-banging metal score.


You are fully empowered to take what you need to overcome the demonic invasion. Masterfully utilize your combat resources to stay in the fight, then aggressively claim more when reserves run low.

Cut demons down with your Chainsaw to refill your ammunition. Set demons ablaze with the Slayer’s all-new Flame Belch and damage them to regain armor. And finally, execute enemies with a brutal Glory Kills to replenish your health. Remember that you are the Slayer and the demons have what you need to keep fighting. Go and get it.


The action continues beyond DOOM Eternal’s campaign. Hone your skills with multiple difficulty settings and Master Levels – remixes of campaign levels specially crafted to offer a fresh challenge to players at any difficulty.

The campaign also features ample collectibles that reward exploration, such as Slayer Gate keys unlocking special challenges to upgrade your gear. Become the ultimate demon slaying machine and save Earth – one dead demon at a time!


Slay online with friends in DOOM Eternal’s BATTLEMODE – an all-new 2v1 multiplayer experience developed entirely from the ground-up at id Software. Two players team up to form a deadly duo of demons as they face off against a solo player in the role of a fully loaded DOOM Slayer.

Stand out in the fray with a heaping amount of stylish cosmetics earned just through playing DOOM Eternal and live in-game Events. From new skins for your Slayer, demons, and weapons, to flashy player icons and nameplates, slay your way in both BATTLEMODE and the solo campaign!


DOOM Eternal arrives 03.20.2020 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Google Stadia. Enhance your slaying experience with the DOOM Eternal Deluxe Edition, which includes the full game plus the Demonic Slayer skin, Classic Weapon Sound Pack and the DOOM Eternal Year One Pass – adding more content set to release within the first year after launch.

Join the Slayers Club for free and unlock the Zombie Slayer skin. Members of the Club can also earn Points to unlock other special rewards, take part in special community challenges and join the worldwide community for one of gaming’s most passionate fanbases. Whether you tackle Hell itself in the single-player campaign or take on your buddies in BATTLEMODE, the Slayer’s time is now.

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