dokiPal – World’s First 4G LTE Smartwatch With Integrated AI Voice Assistant for Kids

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HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Doki Technologies has announced the launch of dokiPal, a 4G LTE enabled smartwatch for kids powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 2100 chipset. dokiPal is the world’s first 4G LTE kids smartwatch that comes complete with communications, safety, fitness, and learning features. Key features include video calling, location‐tracking, SOS, fitness tracking leaderboard, and an integrated AI voice assistant. It is the latest iteration of a range of kids smartwatches developed by Doki Technologies, and will serve as the essential wearable device for kids ages 5 and up.

dokiPal comes with new and enhanced features including:

  • 4G LTE connectivity*
  • IP68 water‐resistance
  • AI Voice Assistant (powered by Kidsense)
  • Optimized location tracking
  • Fitness tracking leaderboard
  • Smart scheduler
  • Photo editor

With these new implementations, dokiPal is set to be a vital tool for kids to grow, learn, and explore, while staying connected with family and friends. dokiPal also allows parents to have complete peace of mind regarding their kids’ whereabouts and daily activities by monitoring, managing, and communicating with the dokiPal smartwatch through the companion Doki App.

One exciting new feature on dokiPal is the integrated AI voice assistant, dokiAsk, a smart encyclopedia and voice assistant that fits on your child’s wrist. dokiAsk acts as a helpful intelligent tutor and lets children ask questions to satisfy their curiosity and stimulate their minds. With sophisticated Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and speech recognition for kids 5 and up, dokiAsk is designed to recognize children’s voices. Parents can rest assured it will not provide answers to inappropriate topics and that their kids’ queries will be answered in a safe and responsible way. All features on dokiPal are COPPA‐compliant, ensuring children’s data privacy is protected.

dokiPal’s smart locator utilizes advanced tracking that combines GPS, LBS, and WiFi technology for precise accuracy and triangulation. The watch uses Broadcom’s GPS solution for optimized location‐tracking and reduced battery consumption. dokiPal’s 800mAH battery capacity allows for an extended standby time of 72 hours and up to 48 hours under normal usage.

With a built‐in accelerometer, dokiPal’s activity tracker monitors steps, calories, and distance. Fun fitness goals allow kids to compete against their friends and earn badges, encouraging them to stay active and healthy in an engaging way. The leaderboard even shows kids using dokiPal how their step count compares to other kids from all over the world. Parents can monitor their child’s daily fitness levels via the Doki App on their smartphones.

A nano SIM card with cellular data service is required to activate dokiPal. With universal 4G LTE* connectivity, dokiPal can be used in over 150 countries. dokiPal is compatible with telecom networks worldwide including AT&T, T‐Mobile, and Verizon in the US. Instead of purchasing a SIM plan from a local carrier, Doki offers customers a more convenient and cost‐effective option to activate dokiPal right out of the box. Each dokiPal comes with a Doki SIM. Customers can subscribe to and activate the SIM card directly through Doki App. The Doki SIM works in over 50 countries. For US customers, the rate plan is only $9.99/ month for unlimited data.

dokiPal comes in two vibrant colors: Wave Blue and Plush Pink. The watch screen is made with gorilla glass, ensuring durability even with the most active of kids. dokiPal features a 1.4‐inch TFT color display with touch‐panel. The watch is also certified IP68 water‐resistant, so parents can rest easy if the watch comes in contact with water.

dokiPal will be available for purchase on July 10, 2019 on Doki’s official online store at Sign up for the newsletter on Doki’s website to get the latest update on dokiPal’s availability. The watch will be shipping globally to over 40 countries. dokiPal will retail for US$179.00 with an optional US$9.99/ month data subscription plan for US customers.

Doki App: The quintessential companion app for parents

Parents can download the all‐new companion Doki App with a revamped user interface and updated features, available for both iOS and Android phones. The app allows parents to communicate with, track, and monitor settings of their child’s dokiPal with ease, such as presetting the watch’s contact list

Teaching kids about time and responsibility has never been easier with the new Doki App. Parents can set events and reminders using the smart scheduler to notify children of upcoming tasks, helping kids learn essential time management skills. Parents can also set alert areas (geofences) for notifications whenever a child steps out of a preset zone. They can also set times for class mode, which disables all features of the watch, except time display and SOS, during important school or study periods.

Security is of the utmost importance. All contacts on dokiPal can only be set from the Doki App, ensuring no strangers can call your child’s dokiPal, which automatically block calls from unrecognized phone numbers.

Doki ­ The #1 Trusted Kids’ Smartwatch Brand

Doki Technologies is the leading brand and market leader in the rapidly growing kids smartwatch space. The company launched the world’s first video calling enabled kids smartwatch through a highly successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016, raising over US$400,000. dokiPal is the next generation of a range of kids smartwatches developed by Doki Technologies. Trusted by parents from all around the world, children in over 40 countries are already using smartwatches developed by Doki.

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*4G connectivity is subject to location and coverage


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