Digital Guardian Rolls Out Protection Against Ryuk Ransomware

Company’s Advanced Threat & Analysis Center (ATAC) Team Crafts New Data Protection Policies to Detect Ryuk Ransomware and Enable Real-time Mitigation

WALTHAM, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Digital Guardian, a leader in data loss prevention (DLP) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR), has developed a new Ryuk Ransomware Protection Content Pack to detect and defend against Ryuk ransomware. This solution is available free of charge to all Digital Guardian customers globally. The company’s Advanced Threat & Analysis Center (ATAC) Team worked quickly to create and validate the content pack confirming that, once deployed, the Digital Guardian agent can detect and prevent Ryuk ransomware.

Unlike ordinary data protection solutions, The Digital Guardian Data Protection Platform provides deep visibility and granular controls, which enables customers to extend use-cases beyond data loss prevention and into advanced threat mitigation, such as detecting and defending against Ryuk ransomware attacks. Regular data protection companies merely monitor and alert on incidents, even with artificial intelligence and machine learning, which would not help thwart ransomware attacks that result in system disruptions and the loss of critical data.

Any Digital Guardian customer currently subscribed to the Managed Detection and Response service has been automatically protected. Digital Guardian customers subscribed to our Managed DLP or SaaS services who are interested in deploying the Ryuk Ransomware Protection Content Pack should simply notify their DG Account Executive, Support, or managed service team representative. On-premise customers interested in downloading the Ryuk Ransomware Protection Content Pack should also contact the Digital Guardian Support Team and it will be made available to them to deploy within their own environment.

In the midst of a global pandemic, Ryuk ransomware has been used to target dozens of hospitals and already caused significant interruption to operations. The FBI is warning of even more attacks and we want Digital Guardian customers to be protected,” said Tim Bandos, Chief Information Security Officer, Digital Guardian. “We urge all customers, especially hospitals and healthcare institutions, to take this threat very seriously and implement measures to mitigate the threat and minimize damage. We’ll continue to monitor the situation and do all that we can to protect our customers and their data from these insidious ransomware attacks.”

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