DEXON’s DIMAX-Pro Offers Innovative Big-Screen Display Solution at AT&T Business Summit 2019

Thrasos Media chose DIMAX-Pro, the flagship product of Hungary-based DEXON Systems Ltd., to drive the ultra high-resolution LED videowall backdrop for the general sessions at November’s third annual AT&T Business Summit.  Freeman hired Thrasos to provide media server implementation and playback for the three-day event.  DEXON USA is the North American distributor of DEXON products.

Held at the KBH Convention Center in Dallas, the AT&T Business Summit 2019 brought together the industry’s top minds to share insights on how to best transform to compete in a fast-paced, interconnected world.  The conference focused on helping customers embrace and invest in emerging technologies, especially those relying on the promise of 5G.  Guest speakers included former First Lady Michelle Obama, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and author and columnist Thomas Friedman.

The event marked Thrasos Media’s first use of DIMAX-Pro, a modular, all-in-one solution in DEXON’s hybrid presentation matrix family.  “We wanted to have multi-view capabilities inside a router, and no 4K routers offered this except for DIMAX-Pro,” says Cameron Yeary, Visual Media Developer at Thrasos.  “Typically, we’d have to rent a separate product for multi-view, which is more expensive and takes up more space.  But DIMAX-Pro does everything in one box; it takes the place of two very large products.”

DIMAX-Pro is an unprecedented solution that integrates a presentation matrix, routing matrix and video processor in a single chassis and supports up to 4K60 RGB 444 uncompressed at full 18Gbps bandwidth..  “It’s a Swiss Army knife of a product with applications to many verticals,” says Drew Taylor, President of DEXON USA in Cave Creek, Arizona.  “DIMAX-Pro offers users a lot of flexibility and extensive cost savings by integrating the functionality of three products into one core system. DIMAX-Pro is also easy to use and simplifies training.”

Thrasos fed the DIMAX-Pro 12x 4K inputs consisting of media server content for all of the conference’s general sessions.  The DIMAX-Pro used 6x outputs and multi-view to display the content on a three-part, upstage LED videowall with a 13936 x 1248 pixel space.  Thrasos controlled the system with an external Universe controller.

“The DIMAX-Pro performed great,” he reports.  “The DIMAX interface was robust and simple to use, and we had quite a bit more control than before.  The new system was also well supported by Drew and rental vendor HRE.”

DEXON system rentals are available from High Resolution Engineering (HRE) at  


DEXON USA is the North American distributor of DEXON products.  It provides sales, support, training and system design services to audio visual system integrators, consultants and event rental partners.

About DEXON Systems

DEXON Systems Ltd. is the developer and manufacturer of advanced videowall controllers for multi-screen video display products.  The company has grown to be a leading videowall technology and solution supplier since its establishment in 1990.  DEXON Systems works in close cooperation with system integrators and end-user partners and has thousands of working multi-image display walls and control rooms worldwide.

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