DEXON USA Demos IP4 Decoding Input Card For Its DVP500x Product Line at InfoComm 2022

DEXON USA has announced a new IP4 Decoding Input Card for its DVP500x product family, which includes DIMAX and DIVIP modular video processors and matrix switchers.  The Input Card enables decoding and visualization of IP sources natively, simplifying and streamlining IP stream decoding and display for DVP500x customers.  

DVP500x is the perfect solution for LED videowall displays in mission critical command and control environments, such as traffic centers, security operations and the military, as well as boardrooms, showrooms, universities, government, corporate spaces and conference centers.  DEXON USA will demo the IP4 Input Card for DVP500x products in Booth N2112 at InfoComm 2022, June 4-10 in Las Vegas.

“With IP video becoming more commonplace within AV installations, increasing numbers of customers have asked for support of IP video sources.  Our dedicated hardware encoder opens up the DVP500x product line to bring in and decode information from IP cameras, multiple web pages, movie files from USB pendrives or LAN connections, and VNC sources from remote operator PC screens without the need for additional external HDMI inputs,” says Drew Taylor, President ADD TITLE, with DEXON USA, which distributes DEXON Systems products in North America.

The primary task of the IP4 Input Card is to capture the IP streams from IP cameras and transform them into a video stream, along with other video sources (HDMI, HDBaseT), for display in different windows on an LED videowall or individual monitors.  Four IP decoding channels built into each card offer the ability to decode and display 36 IP streams simultaneously; a four rack unit chassis supports a maximum of 144 IP streams simultaneously.  The master CPU load is zero and real-time display is guaranteed.

The IP video system is highly flexible and customizable.  It can be tailored to the project with fewer IP cameras requiring fewer cards and more IP cameras requiring more.

Additionally, users can be assured of a well-balanced network thanks to each decoder board having its own separate LAN connection.

The IP4 Input Card is available now for demos, and orders are now shipping.  It will be showcased at InfoComm in a fully working DVP500x system with IP and HDMI sources across a videowall with 4K displays.

About DEXON Systems

DEXON Systems Ltd. is the developer and manufacturer of advanced videowall controllers for multi-screen video display products.  The company has grown to be a leading videowall technology and solution supplier since its establishment in 1990.  DEXON Systems works in close cooperation with system integrators and end-user partners and has thousands of working multi-image display walls and control rooms worldwide.

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