DEXON Systems Showcases Innovative Videowall Solutions at InfoComm 2019

Hungary-based DEXON Systems Ltd. will mark its first appearance at InfoComm 2019 with its exclusive North American distributor DEXON USA. As a leading videowall technology and solution supplier, DEXON Systems will showcase its innovative products in Booth 871 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, June 12-14.

DEXON Systems will highlight DIMAX-Pro, a modular, all-in-one solution in its hybrid presentation matrix family; DIVIP16-Pro, a modular video processor for 4K60 4:4:4 signals; and DNX5000, a 4K compliant videowall controller for mission critical control rooms.

The new flagship product of DEXON Systems, DIMAX-Pro is an unprecedented 3-in-1 solution that integrates a presentation matrix, routing matrix and video processor in a single chassis.  “It’s a Swiss Army knife of a product with applications to many verticals,” says Drew Taylor, President of DEXON USA in Cave Creek, Arizona. “DIMAX-Pro offers users ultimate flexibility and extensive cost savings by integrating the functionality of three products into one core system.  DIMAX-Pro is pretty easy to use and simplifies commissioning and training.”

The DIMAX-Pro modular chassis serve 16×16, 32×32 or 72×72 configurations and support all current video signal standards up to 4K60 4:4:4 resolution. They introduce the concept of scaling presentation matrix, routing matrix and video processor sections in one box. Each section may have multiple users with pre-defined access rights and input/output signal assignments.

DEXON Systems will also showcase DIVIP16-Pro, the modular video processor and matrix router for 4K60 4:4:4 signals.  “There aren’t many affordable video processors doing full 4K60,” notes Taylor.  “Its all-in-one configuration represents a significant cost saving to users while enabling them to futureproof their systems with the latest 4K60 technology.”

Expandable from 4×4 to 16×16 with different input and output boards, DIVIP16-Pro handles all industry-standard video input signals, scales them to the desired resolution and maps them to the required position over the videowall surface. Professional scaling, individual arrangement of windows and a PIP option make the product essential part of digital signage and control room projects. Advanced signal processing ensures the highest quality and crystal-clear video picture without loss of frames.

Additionally, DEXON Systems will exhibit its popular DXN5000 videowall controller for mission critical control rooms. The easy-to-use DEXON controllers are well-known for their superior design, excellent price/performance and high reliability.

“DXN5000 is an extremely powerful platform with very low latency image processing,” says Taylor.  “It now offers 4K compliant inputs displayed over 4K outputs so customers have the choice of using it as a dedicated videowall controller or as a hybrid solution for multiple videowalls and sources.”

Integrated DXN5000 controllers drive multiple local or remote monitors to form one large Microsoft Windows-compatible videowall.  The system not only controls videowalls but also handles multiple analog or digital, HD or 4K video inputs, IP cameras and display workstations’ monitor images.  Configurations include 16×16, 32×32 and 72×72 chassis.

All of the DEXON Systems at InfoComm 2019 are now shipping.

About DEXON Systems

DEXON Systems Ltd. is the developer and manufacturer of advanced videowall controllers for multi-screen video display products.  The company has grown to be a leading videowall technology and solution supplier since its establishment in 1990.  DEXON Systems works in close cooperation with system integrator partners having thousands of 24/7 operating mission critical control rooms all over the world.DEXON USA is the North American partner providing sales, support, system design and training for DEXON Systems’ projects. DEXON USA brings to the table deep technical experience in video processors, matrix routers and AV control systems along with extensive applications development and design resources

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