Devin Smith Brings CX to the C-Suite with a New Season of ‘Experience Leader’ Podcast

Smith and new co-host David Antoline discuss the evolution of CX with world-class guests

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Active Digital’s customer experience (CX) principal Devin Smith has unveiled season two of his groundbreaking podcast, “Experience Leader,” to help executives learn more about improving and providing a consistently great customer experience.

“Experience-driven companies lead their industries, have more loyal customers, happier employees, are more profitable, and realize a host of other benefits,” said Smith. “We’re returning with sponsorship by Active Digital, the premier customer connection and digital experience consultancy, for our second podcast season, featuring dynamic episodes focused on compelling, practical CX practices that will help guide C-suite, senior executives and managers to more robust customer experiences.”

Joining Smith for the return is a new co-host, Active Digital’s co-founder and president, David Antoline.

“This will be a valuable and exciting season for listeners,” Antoline said. “Devin and I are not only co-hosts, but are friends and industry colleagues. This is a chance for us to bring fresh depth and knowledge to the CX world. In this podcast, we are eager to explore how leaders can take a unique and effective approach to CX with human-centric design.”

This podcast is especially relevant given the growth of the CX industry. According to reporting in CX Today, “IDC believes that CX spending will reach a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 8.2% over the period up to 2022. This means that the industry will be worth $641 billion by 2022.”

Experience Leader’s current season two lineup includes:

Other episodes coming soon include:

  • Why Can’t My People Communicate? This discussion will focus on communication and organization structures as seen through the paradigm of Conway’s Law.
  • Joseph Michelli Discusses Driven to Delight – Mr. Michelli will share details and insight into a company-wide CX transformation at Mercedes-Benz USA.
  • Five Forces of CX Deep Dive – This is the beginning of a five-part series taking an in-depth look at and discussion of each force.

Smith initially launched the podcast in December 2020 with the episode “Innovation with Nicole Jones” that featured an in-depth interview with Jones, the global head of innovation at Delta Airlines, on how to bring innovation out of the lab and into the market.

Episodes air Thursdays on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Listen Notes and

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