DETS FITNESS Launches Gaming Indoor Bike DETS BIKE G1

DAEJEON, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BikingDETS FITNESS Inc. has launched DETS BIKE G1, a foldable indoor bike that allows you to exercise while enjoying an online exclusive mobile game, on Amazon in the United States.

Recently, restrictions on exercise activities have occurred due to Covid-19, and interest in health, as well as the demand for smart home training, has increased. In particular, products that connect exercise videos and indoor bicycles received great responses. However, these products are insufficient to appeal to the general public since they are only specialized for training-specialized content. The DETS BIKE G1 was developed to solve the problem of this popular barrier.

DETS FITNESS believes that a complete gaming experience could solve this problem, and designed the product and content around the core of popular games. DETS BIKE G1 is equipped with familiar gaming interfaces beyond pedaling, and exclusively provides a mobile game with the gameplay characteristics of popular games that have recently gained popularity.

DETS BIKE G1 is available for purchase at a reasonable price for general customers with high psychological barriers to the price of purchasing a smart bike by not requiring a separate subscription fee. The content was also developed in the form of an arcade adventure game rather than a simple racing game to make customers who are familiar with console games could feel more interested. Interfaces similar to the controller of a console game machine are mounted on the handlebar of the bike to operate various games. Using these controllers to play arcade bicycle games allows interactions such as kicking, drifting, and jumping as implemented.

In addition, the game provides online battle play with 6 players through the Internet and DETS TOWN, a metaverse virtual world that can accommodate more than 1000 players. In DETS TOWN, players can communicate with text and voice, and the system supports the creation of user relationships by providing various services in this virtual space.

The game application is available on Google Play and Apple App Store, and can be downloaded by searching ‘Pudding Rush’.

The list price of DETS BIKE G1 is $599. For the launch promotion, an exceptional discount sale is in progress only for limited quantities. DETS BIKE G1 is available for purchase through Amazon in the United States.



Taejin Kwak, CEO

+82 213-645-9126

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