Dealtale’s Revenue Science Video Series Wins Bronze Telly Award

Showcasing Industry Thought Leaders and Leveraging Strategic Storytelling and Creativity in Marketing, the Four-Episode Project Competed Alongside Industry Giants

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dealtale, the revenue science company, announced today that their Revenue Science Show series has garnered a Bronze Telly Award in the Science and Technology category. The Telly Awards honor excellence in video and television across all screens and are judged by leaders from video platforms, television and streaming networks. Dealtale’s win showcases the stealthy startup’s ability to compete alongside tech titans like Meta and media powerhouses such as National Geographic and Bloomberg Media.

Dealtale’s platform empowers marketers to attribute revenue to top-of-funnel content that is traditionally challenging to measure – tracking the entire customer journey, even when users are anonymous. By connecting revenue directly to their efforts, Dealtale helps marketers gauge ROI and strategize accordingly.

Totaling four episodes, the inventive series educates viewers about revenue science in engaging and entertaining ways. Leveraging colorful nods to pop culture, relatable content and real-life scenarios, Dealtale’s creative team brought revenue science stories to life, making complex data concepts accessible and engaging for viewers.

“Startups like ours can accomplish a lot through creativity,” said Molly St. Louis, Head of Marketing at Dealtale who served as Writer/Producer for the series. “When you tell an interesting story, people tend to listen. Also, you can keep the budget lean by really fine tuning the production process every step of the way, while maximizing the potential of every creative person working on it.”

Tapping into the creativity sparked by the quotidian, the series serves up such story-centric episodes as “Pumpkin Spice Logic,” “The Ghosts of Campaigns Past,” “The Introvert Demographic,” and “Purrrfecting Marketing ROI.” The animated vignettes accompanied by a brilliant yet approachable narrator and expert guests paint high level concepts in surprisingly colorful ways. Unpacking concepts like causal inference, prescriptive analytics, marketing touchpoints and Markov Chains through familiar stories, each episode was underpinned by the aim of ultimately catalyzing change and inspiring marketers to make data-driven decisions that generate more tangible results with fewer resources.

“In today’s environment, where doing more with less is crucial, the adoption and advancement of revenue science plays a significant role in empowering marketers,” said Jake Klein, CEO of Dealtale. “Dealtale’s mission is to make data accessible to every marketer, enabling them to prove revenue and budget based on verifiable data, rather than relying on guesswork. By achieving this recognition on a small startup budget, Dealtale showcases the promise of AI in freeing marketers to embrace their creative potential.”

With the recent launch of Dealtale IQ, a ChatGPT-like feature that allows marketers to ask data questions in natural language and receive instant answers, Dealtale aims to further support creativity by removing the barriers of time-consuming data analysis.

Along with St. Louis, the creative team behind the winning campaign included Daniéla de Lange (Creative Director), Tamzyn la Gorcé, Deone Rabe and Viola Chloe Hunter (Illustrators), Jessie George and Catherine Theodosopolous (Animators), Anirban (Bann) Roy (Director), Ruben O’Malley (DP), Steve Buckingham and Emily Abt (Camera Operators), James Coakley III (Key Grip), Neil Kelly (Gaffer), Matt Emmanuel (Camera Assistant), Matt Jepson (Audio Mixer), Laura Yamasaki (Hair and Makeup), and Laura Quiambao (Script Supervisor).

Expert Guests include Dr. Vishal Sikka, Jake Klein, Sanjay Rajagopalan, Tao Liu, David Lotan Bolotnikoff, Shabana Khan, Xiwei Zhou, and Ariel Geifman.

About Dealtale

Dealtale, a Vianai Company, the leader in causal AI for marketers, was founded in 2020 and acquired by Vianai Systems in 2022 to further the company’s innovations in human-centered AI. Dealtale provides the only cookie-less, no-code customer journey analytics platform and the only multi-touch attribution software that measures engagement from a prospective customer’s first touch to the customer win. Dealtale’s Revenue Science platform looks deeper than traditional machine learning solutions to not only forecast revenue but reveal how marketing, sales and product activities actually drive sales. The platform places these capabilities directly in the hands of marketing professionals, without the need for data science, engineering or IT expertise. This unprecedented time to value enables companies across a wide spectrum of data maturity levels to immediately start taking advantage of sophisticated AI techniques, without the cost of technical or resource barriers. Dealtale received series B funding led by the Softbank Vision Fund and the founders of KKR. For more information visit and follow Dealtale on LinkedIn.

About Vianai Systems

Vianai Systems, Inc. is a human-centered AI platform and products company addressing the unfulfilled promise of enterprise AI. Launched in 2019, Vianai’s customers include some of the largest, most-respected businesses in the world, to which it delivers AI, ML and data science platforms and products. Vianai empowers customers to amplify the transformational potential of AI within their organizations through its Vian H+AI Platform; Dealtale Revenue Science; hila, an AI research assistant for investors, and VIANOPS for operationalizing high-performance ML models at scale. Vianai’s human-centered approach enables its customers to fulfill AI’s promise of empowering users in the enterprise. Follow @VianaiSystems on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About The Telly Awards

The Telly Awards is the premier award honoring video and television across all screens. Established in 1979, The Telly Awards receives over 12,000 entries from all 50 states and 5 continents. Entrants are judged by The Telly Awards Judging Council—an industry body of over 200 leading experts including advertising agencies, production companies, and major television networks, reflective of the multiscreen industry The Telly Awards celebrates. Partners of The Telly Awards include Green The Bid, SeriesFest, Video Consortium, Ghetto Film School, We Are Parable, Future of Film, NAB, Stash, NYWIFT, Production Hub with support from The Commercial Director’s Diversity Program.


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