DataCore and Symply Launch New On-Set Media Appliance

SymplyTRANSPORTER, Powered by DataCore Perifery, Enables Fast, Efficient, Secure Storage and Transport of Media Content Between On-Set Locations and In-Facility Storage

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DataCore Software announced today that it has partnered with Symply, an innovative developer of high-speed digital storage solutions, to create a new media-optimized, easily transportable on-set appliance. SymplyTRANSPORTER, powered by DataCore Perifery, a highly scalable, flexible, and secure object storage platform, simplifies content capture, preprocessing, categorization, searchability, and seamless content integration into a facility’s DataCore Swarm or SymplyPerifery, as well as movement of content to other archive systems or primary storage. Utilizing the new appliance, organizations and users in the media and entertainment industry can quickly and securely capture and transport content from the field and on-set locations to their in-house facilities.

“SymplyTRANSPORTER is the answer to the growing demand for on-set and remote media workflow appliances that offer capabilities beyond portable RAID arrays,” said Abhijit Dey, chief product officer at DataCore. “As media workflows continue to evolve and capacities grow, RAID rebuild times for re-preparing for field use and the inability to host applications on-set, hinders efficiency and greatly slows down production. Our solution enables faster, safer, and more efficient transport of media content with state-of-the-art data protection and exclusive capabilities such as categorization and searchability.”

SymplyTRANSPORTER is ideal for content creators and owners, including postproduction facilities, independent producers, and studios that produce content remotely. The appliance allows users to safely store and transport content, add valuable metadata, and seamlessly integrate assets into larger facility storage faster and easier than using common hard drive and SSD-based arrays, with no time wasted in rebuilding and re-preparing RAID arrays. Automated preprocessing capabilities on the SymplyTRANSPORTER solution save users significant time and effort, eliminating the need for expensive, complex servers and other hardware.

The appliance includes the new DataCore Perifery Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro. The Perifery Panel streamlines content access for SymplyTRANSPORTER users on Adobe Premiere Pro. SymplyTRANSPORTER also leverages third-party software applications to automate key workflow tasks such as content preprocessing, categorization, and provisioning, maximizing on-set data collection.

“We’re excited to expand our partnership with DataCore,” said Keith Warburton, CEO at Symply. “Just like our SymplyPerifery media-optimized appliance for facilities, SymplyTRANSPORTER leverages the power of DataCore Perifery next-generation object storage to streamline the process of bringing content shot on-location back to the facility for editing, saving media organizations valuable time and money.”

The plug-and-play lightweight appliance is designed for portable operation and comes in a NANUK waterproof case, offering mission-critical protection, trouble-free transportation, and an unparalleled ease of use. The media appliance will be available in December 2022.

DataCore will demonstrate SymplyTRANSPORTER at NAB Show New York, Oct. 19-20 at booth 1640. More information about the companies is available at and

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DataCore Software is dedicated to delivering world-class solutions to the most challenging storage problems. For over 15 years, the most demanding media and entertainment organizations have counted on DataCore’s Swarm to preserve and protect their petabytes of high-resolution content. Fast, secure, affordable, and scalable, DataCore’s Swarm speeds up content monetization for media professionals.

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Symply started out in 2016 with a basic philosophy: design and build the best workflow-enhancement and storage solutions for the media and entertainment industry, Apple, and SMB users, regardless of company size. Since then, we grew and were acquired, but the philosophy remains the same. Symply’s parent company, Global Distribution, continues that mission to work with world-class manufacturing, but small enough to ensure we deliver personal attention to every customer. Headquartered in Cambridge, U.K., with offices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, our approach allows us to think globally and act locally, providing the best customer service we can offer.

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