Dashlane Expands Enterprise Offering, Adds Starter Plan for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Updates bring enhanced security, authentication and monitoring capabilities to admins responsible for workplaces of all sizes

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Dashlane, the security-first password manager, announced updates to its suite of enterprise plans to provide stronger security tools for admins, and the launch of Dashlane Starter for teams of up to ten individuals. Simple to deploy and manage through a flexible, no-commitment monthly plan, Starter takes the friction out of getting started by packing the power of Dashlane’s award-winning access tools into an affordable, $20-per-month offering.

“Whether you’re a small business, a rapidly scaling startup, or a global organization with thousands of employees, no business should operate without basic access security,” says JD Sherman, CEO at Dashlane.” He adds, “we see it in the headlines every day — weak or compromised passwords are to blame for the most common and damaging breaches to companies. Deploying a password manager is a low-stakes investment for a high-stakes problem, and we’re committed to serving as that first line of defense for all organizations, no matter the size.”

Along with the introduction of a new low-cost solution, Dashlane is rolling out new features that will be available to all enterprise plan users to provide stronger protection for the entire organization. This includes always-on alerts about security breaches threatening employees via Dark Web Insights, as well as enhanced 2FA implementation using a standalone Dashlane Authenticator app. Additionally, Dashlane Business customers can now also rely on real-time assistance from Dashlane’s team through live phone support. These features enable businesses to have:

Visibility into risks across 100% of employees

Real-time Dark Web Insights provide admins with a user by user breakdown of compromised passwords, across their organization. Dashlane continuously scans 20B+ records attached to hacks or breaches with ~1M new records added daily, to ensure no threat goes undetected.

Beyond detection, Dark Web Insights gives admins the ability to scan their entire organization for breaches and are not limited to those using Dashlane — breached employees can be invited instantly to begin using Dashlane through built-in seat provisioning. Pairing this alert function with the ability to generate new, random and unique passwords through Dashlane means that admins can take action seamlessly once alerted about compromised credentials.

“It is really useful to always know if and when your employees have experienced a breach,” says Dashlane customer Heather Hankins, Security Specialist at the National Educational Telecommunications Association, a professional services organization with approximately 50 employees. “That way, when you help them deal with [a breach], you’re also training them, and giving them valuable security advice to help prevent this in the future.”

Extra layer of security for the entire organization

Generating unique and random passwords is the first step in securing a digital workforce, but in a fragmented environment where employees rely on dozens of tools and services via login every day, multi-factor authentication (MFA) has become an essential component of securing online accounts even further.

Dashlane’s standalone Authenticator app can now be downloaded on iOS and Android devices to provide a simple way to enable MFA for accounts. The Dashlane Authenticator app adds an extra layer of security for any 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) compatible accounts, and is a seamless counterpart to the Dashlane Password Manager app — this duo of Dashlane products will increase the security of all accounts with 2FA tokens, along with the added bonus of convenience in using two Dashlane apps.

When using the Dashlane Authenticator App, Dashlane makes 2FA token autofill seamless for vault items, and allows for secure sharing of both passwords and 2FA codes — a common use case in the office setting (if coworkers want to share a social media account, for instance).

Live phone support when you need it

The rollout of live phone support addresses a common admin pain point. Business plan users can now request and book a call directly with Dashlane’s support team between 9 AM and 6 PM EST Monday–Friday.

For all customers using Business, Team, or Starter, access to live chat support in English, French, and German is available Monday–Friday, from 9 AM to 6 PM EST, along with Community Success resources and onboarding support such as live training webinars.

From the days of business conducted within four office walls, through a once-in-a-lifetime shake up of the workforce and its tools, today’s rollout marks thirteen years of innovation from Dashlane in its mission to make security simple, regardless of rapidly evolving conditions.

In the coming months, Dashlane enterprise users can be on the lookout for faster account creation for employees, audit logs, and bulk select/delete.

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