Current by GE Launches 2019 Product Suite to Enhance Productivity for Channel Partners and Customers

  • Patented technology delivers the industry’s fastest linear suspended
    retrofit product
  • Product engineering and design goes beyond energy to deliver
    multi-level efficiencies
  • Digital solutions save time and money in cities, supermarkets and
    conference rooms

PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–lt;a href=”” target=”_blank”gt;#EnergyManagementlt;/agt;–Current, powered by GE unveiled a series of new products and digital
solutions at LIGHTFAIR International that provide channel partners and
distributors with workflow improvements and deliver productivity savings
to end users. The company is focused on engineering products that extend
benefits beyond energy savings with innovative approaches to
installation, component modularity and asset management.

“Multi-level efficiency means thinking beyond energy efficiency and
using other product features to find ways we can help our channel
partners with quicker installations of complete solutions that stand the
test of time,” said Melissa Wesorick, Current’s General Manager of LED
Products & Technology.

Product Portfolio Delivers Industry Leading Installation Advancements
new LUR Refit* product features a patented
mechanical-electrical interconnect technology that decreases
installation time by 75 percent
compared to other suspended
fixture retrofit products, making it particularly valuable in retail
spaces with long continuous runs of suspended fixtures. Once the starter
is installed, it takes less than two minutes to install an eight-foot
fixture which is less than a tube and driver replacement solution. The
LUR includes Current’s TriGain* technology and has built-in
features to eliminate snaking. It is also the first product to debut
Current’s new photo banding technology, which works with iOS and Android
devices to enable more precise indoor positioning than BLE for retail

Customers working on outdoor solutions can improve installation
efficiency by upgrading their 150W HID Cobra Head products with
Current’s new ERLC
Compact Cobra Head
, which is 30 percent
(8 vs 12.5 lbs) with comparable lumen output to
illuminate local roads. This product is complemented by Current’s new Cat-M
version of its LightGrid* Outdoor Wireless Control, which is designed to
extend controllability beyond city centers onto highways, rest stops,
malls and suburban areas where streetlighting is sparser.

Current continues to expand in the horticulture space with the
introduction of the Arize Element* TopLight, the industry’s
first one-for-one replacement
for 1000W High Pressure Sodium
products. With multiple light spectrums to maximize growth for specific
crops and universal installation with loop cables, this fixture design
can be installed dozens of different ways — dramatically reducing
inventory needs to meet demand for greenhouse LED retrofit options.

Earlier this year, Current
the RPL, its first flat panel retrofit door kit
with field installable lighting controls, and the industry’s
first and only LED replacement for a traditional
lamp used in industrial and outdoor applications.

“We continually talk to our customers and channel partners to understand
how we can help them become more efficient,” Wesorick explained.
“Installation ease is a critical need that we have challenged ourselves
to deliver.”

Digital Innovation Improves Productivity from City Streets to Grocery

Current’s digital innovations showcased at LIGHTFAIR
demonstrate the industry’s shift to efficiency improvements that extend
beyond lighting.

  • A new partnership with IMS
    allows Current to help food retailers reduce
    operational costs and improve customer experience. The IMS technology
    leverages real-time performance and efficiency data from
    refrigeration, lighting and HVAC assets to drive significant savings
    across energy, waste and maintenance/supply chain spend. With these
    new levels of control and visibility, grocery customers have moved
    beyond energy savings to realizing productivity improvements like
    reducing stock loss from machine failure by approximately 50 percent
    and slashing reactive maintenance calls by 40 percent.
  • Current debuted its new Daintree* WMZ10 people count sensor to
    passively count people in commercial office settings. The ceiling
    sensor is the most economical solution for companies to anonymously
    count people in open areas. When coupled with Current’s desk level
    occupancy sensors, the solution creates the most efficient way for
    real estate executives to understand space utilization.
  • Current’s CityIQ* hardware is being paired with app partners to
    spawn entrepreneurship and improve public safety and mobility. A new
    bicycle planning API
    will soon be helping cities make informed
    investment decisions to improve biker safety and increase biking as a
    percentage of mobility. A partnership with Genetec’s reporting
    software is helping police departments
    increase conviction rates, reduce investigation costs and save time
    from incident to prosecution. The San Diego Police Department
    leveraged CityIQ data to facilitate complex investigations in more
    than 90 serious incidents involving violent crime and fatal traffic
    collision cases in nine months.

“Time is the new currency. We want to provide measurable time saving
solutions throughout the lifecycle of our products, from the first
installation continuing through the final end user experience,” Wesorick

About Current, powered by GE
Current is the digital engine
for intelligent environments that blends advanced LED technology with
networked sensors and software to make commercial buildings, retail
stores, industrial facilities and cities more energy efficient and
productive. Backed by a broad ecosystem of technology partners, Current
is helping businesses and cities unlock hidden value and realize the
potential of their environments.

*Trademark and/or Service mark of Current, powered by GE


Karen R. O’Neil

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