CUBE 2.0 Unveils Their New Service Roadmap and Tokenomics

Dubai, United Arab Emirates–(Newsfile Corp. – June 14, 2022) – CUBE recently announced its new service roadmap, which aims to build the CUBE ecosystem and make it a place optimized for gamers, game developers, content creators, and consumers.

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As part of their effort to create this new world, CUBE is collaborating with Netmarble F&C to bring unrivaled entertainment and a new world optimized for gamers and game developers, content creators, and content consumers alike.

Netmarble F&C is a South Korean-based mobile game developer created GameFi in 2018 and is subsidiary of Netmarble which has licensed Disney-owned properties to develop games for Marvel and Star Wars.

This collaboration is in line with CUBE’s aim to provide rich new content to its users and create a community that plays together and earns rewards together.

In addition, CUBE is expanding its range of content to include games, webtoons, and music. These can be enjoyed thanks to the social and streaming features on the platform, which will connect consumers to creators and enable anyone to create fandoms.

The upcoming CUBE NFT Store will host NFT pre-sales whose methods will be customized for each range with special benefits for early adopters. The added marketplace will provide a space where users can freely trade the NFTs they just bought, establishing relationships within the community.

The new e-commerce platform in the CUBE ecosystem will host real products available for purchase which users can buy using CUBE’s native token, $CUBE, which will expand the platform’s reach and have a rewards and loyalty program.

This ties in with other features like financial services, where users may increase the number of game tokens acquired in the game by exchanging them for $CUBEs or depositing them. Alternatively, owners of the token can collect and deposit their assets in one place to earn the rewards, while the funds act as lubricants for the ecosystem.

The token exchange feature also allows users to participate in activities in the ecosystem and convert their in-game commodities into tokens. Using the Automatic Market Maker (AMM) method, the fees generated from the transaction are paid to the liquidity provider as rewards.

Finally, the framework this entire operation rests on: the CUBE Chain. This serves as the ecosystem’s own blockchain, working to build and execute as an internal value system while developers continue to maintain a connection with the public chain.

With so many plans ahead, CUBE is set to become a tech powerhouse and a go-to for value entertainment, thanks to the full power of blockchain technology.

About CUBE

With the CUBE platform, users can enjoy complete access to all kinds of entertainment at once, currently scattered across different platforms and devices. Users can access world-class games, broadcasting, webtoon, web novels, dramas, movies, and social functions all within a single platform.

CUBE is a borderless playground where users can find the fun they want and discover new elements they did not even know they wanted.


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