Countries That Slots Casinos Operate More Freely

It seems that the more popular gambling becomes the more it gets regulated. In fact, gambling has been regulated and even banned a number of times throughout history. In the UK, the popularity of gambling at Wizard Slots is at an all time high. Gambling rules were markedly relaxed during Tony Blair’s reign but recently scare stories about gambling addiction have caused the present government to tighten the laws somewhat. You can no longer gamble with credit cards and betting restrictions of £2 maximum bets have been applied to fixed odds betting terminals. Gambling in the UK is still strictly licensed and regulated but casinos are flourishing and free to operate if they meet the criteria set by the UK Gambling Commission. It is thought that restrictions on maximum bets on online slot games may be the next step in tighter controls on UK gambling habits. Until then, the UK will continue its love affair with gambling and revenue amassed from this industry will continue to increase. 


France is a country that has always been at the forefront of gambling through history. The French helped create modern gambling, through the creation of casinos and popular casino games such as Roulette. France is still relaxed when it comes to gambling laws and this helps attract tourists. There are hundreds of land-based casinos and even more online ones that are free to offer slots to the gambling loving French public. France is one of the most gambling friendly nations in Europe. 


The Irish are famous for their love of horseracing and the gambling that goes with it. In fact, most forms of gambling are popular in Ireland and the laws on all gambling are extremely relaxed. This is due to the casino industry in Ireland being entirely unregulated because the country depends on the old Gaming and Lottery Act of 1956. The laws of 1956 obviously do not apply to the new world of digital online gambling. This old law was developed when the Irish pound was currency. This currency has not been legal tender since 1999 and this is another reason why this law cannot be enforced today. However, with a gambling loving nation comes the inevitable addiction and financial hardship. This has forced the hand of the Irish government to start bringing in new laws to regulate the gambling industry and decrease gambling related problems within Irish society. 


Canada is another nation where the public loves to gamble. It is thought that 75% of the population that is old enough to gamble, has done so. Saskatchewan is a particular gambling hotspot and revenue from gambling is thought to be $841 per person in this province. Relaxed gambling laws mean that Canadian citizens can indulge in most forms of gambling quite freely, but again, the sheer numbers of people gambling has forced the government to set up initiatives to discourage them from gambling excessively. Other countries where casinos that offer slots and other games can operate freely include Australia and Finland.

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