CoSoSys Endpoint Protector to Support macOS Ventura and Latest Apple Silicon

RALEIGH, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CoSoSys, a leader in multi-OS Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions, announced today that it will support the upcoming macOS Ventura release, and the second generation of M-Series chips. The announcement follows updates revealed at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2022 (WWDC22), and will allow CoSoSys customers to benefit from the latest Apple innovations.

As the most trusted DLP and Device Control solution for macOS in the enterprise, Endpoint Protector’s same-day support for the latest releases ensures customers benefit from a stable experience and no gaps in protection.

“More and more enterprises are taking advantage of macOS, and our continued support for the latest releases, including macOS Ventura, ensures they can immediately benefit from Apple’s powerful technology and latest innovations without putting their sensitive data at risk,” Roman Foeckl, CEO and founder said.

macOS Ventura, previewed during the WWDC 2022 Keynote, brings powerful productivity tools, new continuity features, and improved security. The update also includes a new Accessory Security feature for external USB and Thunderbolt accessories. The feature will require user approval before an accessory can communicate with macOS through the USB-C port, highlighting the importance of controlling removable devices and ensuring protection against USB threats. Endpoint Protector’s proven Device Control feature will add to this new layer of protection, enabling a further layer of management over devices that have been approved to connect.

“Our DLP and Device Control solutions have become more important than ever before,” adds Foeckl. “Enterprises are demanding greater control over the devices that employees connect to their endpoints as a way to combat data loss, and USB threats. Endpoint Protector is the only enterprise DLP solution with Device Control capabilities that achieves this level of granular management within macOS and multi-OS environments.”

About CoSoSys

Built to protect organizations from insider threats, accidental loss, and data compliance breaches, Endpoint Protector combines the visibility needed to identify at-risk data on the endpoint with the controls to stop data loss in its tracks. With support for macOS, Windows, and Linux, Endpoint Protector is proven in the enterprise and trusted across regulated industries that want to reduce the risk of a data compliance breach, or data loss from malicious, negligent, and compromised users, and demand continuous protection wherever their employees are working, even when they’re offline, without impacting productivity.


Codina Sabau, Ph.D

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