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Launches Creative Marketplace of premium ad templates and components, for 10x faster responsive display campaign development

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Please replace the release dated June 9, 2022 with the following corrected version due to multiple revisions.

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Launches Creative Marketplace of premium ad templates and components, for 10x faster responsive display campaign development

ResponsiveAds™, the leading fluid design and creative management platform for publishing and advertising industries, launched today its new Creative Marketplace with several key technology and service partners. The announcement offers brands, agencies, and publishers a place to source the most innovative, rich-media, off-the-shelf templates to create responsive display ads that perform greater than 10x industry standard engagement rates.

ResponsiveAds is starting off by offering several hundred pre-built solutions with several partners to cover a variety of different segments and categories. This is a starting point for deeper and broader partnerships that combines the best-world-class technologies and breakthrough solutions together in a one-stop-shop marketplace to save development time and costs across the board.

Several launch partners include:

  • New Audio Display Ads powered in partnership with Adsonica. “With the audio boom cited by the IAB, since 2021 Podcast Audio Ads are up to $1.4B, Adsonica and ResponsiveAds created a series of rich-media audio display ads where users can leverage sound to drive “brand awareness” and “content discovery”, said William Agush, CEO, Adsonica.
  • New Advanced Video Display Ads powered in partnership with AffinityX. “AffinityX’s strong production and quality approach, the marketplace includes an assortment of high-impact display & video solutions with over 100 advanced templates,” said David Grant, Founder and Executive VP, AffinityX.
  • New Augment Reality Display Ads powered in partnership with ARLENE. “ResponsiveAds and Arlene developed solutions like “try-n-buy” for wearable as well as QR code-driven ad units for mobile AR. The partnership brings display ads to the immersive realm of next-generation AR experiences,” said Colin Jacobsen, Co-founder and CEO, Arlene.
  • New Contextual Display Ads powered in partnership with Hindsight Solutions. “Hindsight Contextual DCO partnered with Responsive Ads native formats power an ad creative strategy that is optimized for design and messaging. By being able to update messaging for our ads to match specific references and entities mentioned in an article, CTR has increased by 5x and averages ~1%+,” said Hersh Patel, Founder and CEO, Hindsight Solutions.
  • New Branded Content Display Ads powered in partnership with solutions from NBC News Brand Studio Team. “ResponsiveAds and its powerful technology have led to massive advancements in our ability to promote branded content with cutting-edge ad units that not only look great but also perform outstandingly. The team at Responsive are wonderful partners that provide top-notch customer service and the tools to generate click and engagement rates higher than what we thought was possible,” said Maxim Alter, Director of Audience Development & Distribution, NBCUniversal Media, LLC.
  • New Playable Ads powered in partnership with Playin. “We have built a concrete partnership with Responsive Ads and have been working together to build web ads with playable ads. With this cooperation, we have a chance to launch our playables on the web and have proven that the success of revenues is 38% higher than the conventional ads,” said Ersin Nakipoğlu, Co-Founder, Playin. 

The Creative Marketplace is available today, and it is global. Agencies and brands looking for localization or dynamic creative can combine the templates with ResponsiveAds suite of analytics and its Creative Optimizer product that enables hundreds of language and localization possibilities and dynamics for location, weather, time-of-day, date, or even customizable 1st party data segmentation.

Until July 31st all launch templates will be FREE to use with the standard terms of usage for the product that includes a combination of seat license subscription fees and ad-serving fees (inclusive of analytics).

ResponsiveAds with its partners also offer full-service concept development as well as production support to enable clients’ extended resourcing needs.

If interested in a demo, seeing examples, or participating in the launch promotion, please sign-up at

About ResponsiveAds

ResponsiveAds™ is the most advanced engagement-driving creative ad technology suite to make it fast and easy to produce multi-variant responsive display ads that outperform the standard IAB engagement by 20x. The company offers a combination of self-serve studio product (SaaS), 3rd party fluid 1-tag ad serving, and a full-service rich-media production and analytics offering for both direct-sold and programmatic campaigns.


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