Core™ Metaverse Expansion Sets a New Utility Standard for NFT Owners and Communities

NFTs Can Now Be Imported and Used Inside Core, Allowing NFT Communities to Bring Their Collections to Life in an Immersive 3D Multiplayer Environment

SAN MATEO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As crypto enthusiasts and popular brands grow their digital asset collections, Core, a free creator-powered metaverse platform, is setting a new standard for NFT utility by allowing users to import NFT assets on the Ethereum blockchain and create engaging experiences in the Core Metaverse. Core users can now easily bring NFTs to life in a stunning high-fidelity metaverse that provides true utility and functionality for owners, communities and the crypto-curious. Several prominent NFT communities, including MekaVerse and 0N1 Force, have already begun building fully playable social worlds.

“The crypto community has been searching for the next phase of NFTs – one based on utility, interoperability and creativity. Core’s latest features and services set a new standard for all three, providing unprecedented value creation by combining the power of Core and NFTs through custom interactive experiences,” said Frederic Descamps, CEO of Manticore Games. “Core is the first platform to bring interactivity to NFT projects in the metaverse so that fans, enthusiasts, gamers or anyone curious about NFTs can unlock new ways to create, explore and play with their digital assets. For instance, we already are seeing NFT communities create immersive virtual worlds, games, concerts, live events, social community hubs and more in the Core Metaverse.”

Beginning today, users will be able to connect their MetaMask crypto wallet to their Core account, allowing them to ascribe any utility and features in Core to NFT ownership, whether it’s access rights to an area, special powers or privileges in a game, custom cosmetics or simply displaying their NFT in their personal space or on their avatar. Core has also integrated with OpenSea, the world’s largest marketplace for NFTs, and created an API that can read, display, and create content based on any NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. Core’s goal is to become the central destination for crypto communities looking to offer unique, customized experiences to their members, whether it’s in the form of a game, special interactive chatroom, live parties, concerts, expos, or pretty much anything else you can imagine.

“At Core’s foundation is an accessible and incredibly powerful metaverse platform — one that’s been tested and strengthened over many years of development — where users can create and share any virtual experience, from multiplayer games to live events and social hubs,” said Jordan Maynard, Manticore’s Chief Creative Officer. “For instance, creators can leverage Core’s composability by using the tens of thousands of free assets in Core’s Community Content library. By adding web3 technology, we’re expanding the creative and economic potential of Core exponentially and adding even more tools to the ever-growing arsenal that creators have access to.”

Alongside today’s expansion, Core is also launching dozens of free tools and ready-to-use content examples to help users get started creating NFT content, including VIP gates, galleries and games, as well as creator bootcamps and workshops covering web3 development, art and community building. Through its new Core Collab program, Manticore is teaming up with several top NFT collections, including MekaVerse and 0N1 Force, to help them build out their own community experiences in the Core Metaverse. There are a limited number of these types of collabs available as they provide additional resources and guidance directly from Manticore to help NFT owners and operators offer truly new and unique metaverse value and utility to their constituents.

The Core Metaverse is live now and completely free, delivering a best-in-class metaverse platform for users who want to build virtual worlds and experiences, as well as those who want to explore the metaverse in stunning high-definition. In its first year, the Core Metaverse welcomed more than 3 million users and more than 50,000 experiences. Available now on PC, and coming to iOS later this year, Core has become a social hub for new types of interactive experiences in the metaverse, including live events and concerts such as deadmau5’s Oberhasli and Geoff Keighley’s Axial Tilt, which featured the first live broadcast of The Game Awards in the metaverse.

For more information about Core please visit or follow us on Twitter @CoreGames. Join 15,000+ creators and metaverse explorers on Core’s Discord, where you can access new guides to help anyone from the crypto curious to the crypto comfortable. Core is available for free on the Epic Games Store at


Manticore Games® is the developer and operator of the Core™ Metaverse, a premier metaverse platform featuring live events, interactive entertainment, and more than 50,000 games and worlds to play and explore. Manticore Games has received backing from Benchmark Capital, XN, Epic Games, SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Correlation Ventures, BITKRAFT Esports Ventures & BITKRAFT Opportunity Fund, LVP, M Ventures, Tuesday Capital, SV Angel, Arrive (a Roc Nation company), and Sapphire Sport.


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