CorDx’s Aiiso Yufeng Li Family Gifts $21M to UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering to Further Chemical and Nano Engineering Research, Education, and Student Activities

UC San Diego Renames Department of NanoEngineering to Aiiso Yufeng Li Family Department of Chemical and Nano Engineering – ‘Conferring their name on this department is one of the highest distinctions UC San Diego can bestow.’

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CorDx, a biotechnology company that is transforming the global diagnostics industry with innovative R&D solutions, a vertically integrated supply chain, and manufacturing footprints in the United States and around the world, today announced a transformative $21M gift to the University of California San Diego’s Jacobs School of Engineering from CorDx founder Aiiso Yufeng Li (Jeff), with support from members of the CorDx family – Li’s wife, Aiiso DongDong Li (Doreen), Mac Chen, Haixia Yang, Monica Hu, and others at CorDx. The gift is designated to support chemical and nano engineering research and education at UC San Diego.

In recognition of the gift, which marks a significant milestone in the family’s entrepreneurial and philanthropic journey, UC San Diego is renaming the department that houses the university’s chemical and nano engineers — the Aiiso Yufeng Li Family Department of Chemical and Nano Engineering.

This landmark contribution underscores the family’s unwavering dedication to advancing education and innovation and enhancing people’s lives worldwide. The donation is also a testament to the rise of chemical engineering and nano engineering, which is on a trajectory to soon achieve the same recognition and renown as bioengineering, revolutionizing industries and driving innovation to new heights.

Li, renowned for his philanthropy, generosity, and deep commitment to education, especially at UC San Diego, says, “Our family is filled with pride, continuing our legacy of supporting innovation and education at UC San Diego. It is our deepest hope that this gift will greatly enhance and strengthen the bridge between Chemical Engineering and Nano Engineering, and that our global community will benefit for untold years from the innovations that are born from this complementary program.”

Says Li, “By investing in education, this gift will not just shape the future of the Chemical and Nano Engineering department at UC San Diego, but will also pave the way for research-fueled translational advancements to our global societal good.”

He adds, “I am inspired by the way Chemical Engineering and Nano Engineering are linked at the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering. These two fields are extremely complementary, but their connections are too often overlooked. I believe many important breakthroughs in novel products and their manufacturing will emerge from efforts to combine chemical engineering fundamentals with innovations and new technologies enabled by nanoscale engineering.”

This generous gift will have a lasting, meaningful impact on our chemical and nano engineering students, faculty and staff now and long into the future,” said Albert P. Pisano, Dean of the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering and Special Adviser to the Chancellor.

Pisano expressed his profound gratitude for the philanthropy, stating, “The newly named Aiiso Yufeng Li Family Department of Chemical and Nano Engineering represents a pivotal moment in the history of UC San Diego. Jeff and Doreen’s generosity over the past year represents more than 26 million dollars in philanthropy to the Jacobs School. This support is elevating our capabilities to better link chemical and nano engineering in research and education in order to accelerate innovation for the public good, solve extremely tough challenges and improve lives.”

This donation comes on the heels of another important announcement from CorDx. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted CorDx emergency use authorization (EUA) for its home use CorDx TyFast Flu A/B & COVID-19 At Home Multiplex Rapid Test. CorDx’s high-performance multiplex test delivers results in just 10 minutes, offering a fast, reliable, and accessible alternative to conventional testing methods.

For the CorDx and Li family, this donation holds profound significance. Li, speaking on behalf of the family, expresses, “Education, innovation, and believing in what can be possible, has always been a cornerstone of our family’s values. We believe in the power of knowledge to drive positive change and empower future generations. This donation signifies the importance of learning and giving back to our community.”

Li hopes that this donation of $21M also serves as a call to action for others to follow suit.

He says, “We hope that our contribution will inspire others to invest in education and technology. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to support academia and other institutions that drive innovation and prepare the next generation of leaders dedicated to reaching beyond what is possible.”

As the CorDx and Li family embark on this new chapter of philanthropy and innovation, they remain steadfast in their commitment to positively impacting the world by leaving a legacy that will endure for generations to come.

CorDx is a multinational biotech organization focused on pushing the limits of innovation and supply in global health. With over 2,100 employees worldwide and serving millions of users in over 100 countries, CorDx delivers rapid testing and point-of-care and home-use diagnostic solutions used to detect infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and other diagnostics supporting pregnancy, biomarkers, and more. CorDx is at the cutting edge of technology, artificial intelligence, and data science with the goal of delivering diagnostic solutions to the most critical questions in healthcare.

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CorDx, a global biotechnology organization, is transforming the global diagnostics industry with innovative R&D solutions, a vertically integrated supply chain, and manufacturing footprints in the United States and around the world. CorDx develops, manufactures, and distributes diagnostics and related tools that empower users to monitor and improve their health. Its proprietary diagnostic solutions are recognized by families and medical professionals for being affordable, user-friendly, and precise.

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