Copy Any Email and Appropriate It as Your Own Email Template

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Just in time for the scariest night of the year, cloudHQ, the email management company based in Silicon Valley, has announced an update to one of its Google Chrome extensions that will make it easy for businesses to create Halloween marketing blasts to send their customers. The extension, entitled Gmail Email Templates by cloudHQ, now allows users to create direct copies of their favorite emails and customize them for their own purposes.

Small businesses offering Halloween sales and discounts packages will find this feature especially useful for saving time, energy, and money: without hiring a graphic designer or paying for a marketing professional, business owners can now create high-quality email campaigns—using, as a model, any email that catches their eye. 

We got in touch with Naomi Assaraf, cloudHQ’s CMO, to ask for more information about the tool.

“We’ve seen a huge push for this new feature of our Gmail Email Templates extension,” she explained. “Templates have been a big success for our company, and we’ve developed a library of nearly 500 for a wide range of needs. But the ability to copy any email’s formatting, and then customize it for yourself? We’ve seen a huge uptick in users.”

“Especially today, when business owners are stretched so thin due to the demands on businesses during COVID, we’ve noticed that the copying templates feature is getting a lot of attention. People have skimmed their teams, so they’re asking, how can i do more with less? And when you see an email with beautiful formatting, and you know that you can just replace their name with your name, and their pictures with your pictures—well, it’s a very attractive concept.”

We asked Assaraf about the secret to her company’s success as of late.

“One of the reasons why we’ve been successful has been the synchronization of all of our tools. With Gmail Email Templates, for example, we have easy connections with other crucial extensions like:, our email campaign manager which supports the use of these copied, customized templates for an email campaign blast; Email List Builder, which creates a full email list with every contact that has passed through a user’s Gmail inbox (or outbox) for the past decade, so you can send these Halloween promotions to your whole network; and Free Email Tracker, which allows you to check who’s opening these emails that you’re sending out, and when. Customers love the ecosystem that we’ve built.”

Gmail Email Templates by cloudHQ provides 3 free email-to-template conversions per month; alternatively, users can upgrade to an unlimited monthly subscription to continue converting existing emails into customizable ones.

The company’s 70 free email management Chrome extensions make it a rising star to watch. This Halloween, we may see that the emails are the ones getting the most dressed up.


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