Consciousness, Cannabis, and Creativity are Explored with Launch of New Podcast, FLOW SESSIONS WITH JASON SILVA, Presented by Flow Kana

Guests include Michael Pollan, Steven Kotler, Rick Doblin, Kevin Kelly, Jamie Wheal and Erik Davis

REDWOOD VALLEY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#FlowSessions–Flow Kana, California’s number one selling cannabis flower brand, has today announced the launch of a new podcast series, FLOW SESSIONS WITH JASON SILVA. Featuring cutting edge conversations with world-renowned luminaries, FLOW SESSIONS WITH JASON SILVA offers an enlightening look at the intersection of culture, technology, art and states of consciousness.

“Carl Sagan once wrote an essay under the pseudonym ‘Mr. X’ about how the true magic of an altered state of consciousness lies in its paradigm-shifting potential,” stated Host Jason Silva, the Emmy-nominated storyteller, filmmaker and 5-season host of National Geographic’s acclaimed global hit TV series, “Brain Games.” “Fortunately, with the end of prohibition, the greatest minds of the twenty-first century can now forgo pseudonyms and openly discuss a critical component of our human nature—our innate desire to better understand ourselves and our world through altered states of consciousness. That’s what each episode of FLOW SESSIONS promises,” Silva added.

An exploration of human potential, perception, creativity, mental health, and the science of Flow—an optimal state of consciousness where we feel and perform our best—FLOW SESSIONS WITH JASON SILVA invites audiences to rethink how we lead more satisfying, productive, and meaningful lives.

“We have so much anecdotal evidence from icons of industry and Nobel Prize scientists to music legends and even action sport athletes suggesting that psychoactive and psychedelic plants can help people not only get into a Flow state but, in so doing, aid them in transcending their mental and emotional limitations. With FLOW SESSIONS, Jason is opening the door for us, as a society, to finally start talking about it,” Executive Director for the Flow Research Collective Steven Kotler said.

The first season of FLOW SESSIONS WITH JASON SILVA features six mindflowing conversations, which will be accessible on Spotify, the Apple Podcast App, and Flow Kana’s website with new episodes uploaded every two weeks, as follows:

  • EPISODE 1: STEVEN KOTLER, an award-winning journalist, one of the world’s leading experts on high performance, advisor to Ojai Energetics—a cannabis technology company—and New York Times best-selling author of “Stealing Fire,” “Rise of Superman,” and “Abundance and Bold.”
  • EPISODE 2: RICK DOBLIN, Ph.D., Founder and Executive Director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)—a nonprofit research and educational organization that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the uses of psychedelics and cannabis.
  • EPISODE 3: KEVIN KELLY, WIRED magazine Co-founder and author of “What Technology Wants.”
  • EPISODE 4: JAMIE WHEAL, Executive Director of The Flow Genome Project and leading expert in the neurophysiology of human performance. His work combines a background in expeditionary education, wilderness medicine, and surf rescue, with over a decade of advising high-growth companies on strategy, execution, and leadership.
  • EPISODE 5: ERIK DAVIS, author of “Techgnosis: Myth, Magic and Mysticism in the Age of Information” and lecturer on consciousness culture: media, spirituality, subculture, phantasy, and psychoactives.
  • EPISODE 6: MICHAEL POLLAN, best-selling author of “How to Change Your Mind” and “The Botany of Desire” and the Lewis K. Chan Arts Lecturer and Professor of Practice of Non-Fiction at Harvard University.

Additionally, a video version of each FLOW SESSIONS WITH JASON SILVA conversation will also be available on Flow Kana’s website, YouTube and Facebook channels as well as Host Jason Silva’s Facebook Watch and YouTube channels.

FLOW SESSIONS WITH JASON SILVA marks Flow Kana’s third content release, joining the four-part documentary series, “The Great Outdoor”—which launched September 17, 2019, and the Flow Talks speaker series, which launched October 14, 2019.

“Cannabis is deeply woven throughout the fabric of human history and experience,” Flow Kana Co-founder and CEO Michael Steinmetz said. “The opportunity for storytelling and thought-provoking conversation on mankind’s interaction and collaboration with the plant is exponential, which is why we launched Flow Kana’s creative content division. The world is hungry for really smart dialogue around cannabis, and FLOW SESSIONS WITH JASON SILVA delivers just that.”


Based in the Emerald Triangle, Flow Kana is the leading sun-grown cannabis brand that sources from, and empowers, Northern California’s locally owned, independent farms. Flow Kana believes that the diverse history, stories, and methods, coupled with distinct regional terroirs, are truly important to cannabis consumers. They celebrate and support mindful farmers who prioritize environmentally sound cultivation practices. Flow Kana flower can be found in Flow Kana’s Gold, Silver, and Limited Edition lines, as well as in carefully-selected values-aligned “Powered By Flow Kana” brands throughout the state. (CA license number C11-18-0000227-TEMP)


“A Timothy Leary of the Viral Video Age” was how The Atlantic described Silva, “part Timothy Leary, part Ray Kurzweil, and part Neo from ‘The Matrix.’” Jason Silva is an Emmy-nominated and world-renowned TV personality, storyteller, filmmaker, sought-after keynote speaker, futurist and host of the new podcast series, FLOW SESSIONS WITH JASON SILVA. Jason is known for hosting five seasons of the Emmy-nominated, global hit TV series “Brain Games,” on the National Geographic Channel, broadcast in over 171 countries. His inspirational videos, “Shots of Awe,” have received over 100 million views across social platforms. The videos explore topics such as futurism, technology, creativity, the science of awe, disruptive innovation, relationships, and mental health. Most recently, Jason hosted the global miniseries “ORIGINS: The Journey Of Humankind,” on the National Geographic Channel as well as emceed California’s number one selling cannabis flower brand, Flow Kana’s, inaugural event – Flow Talks: Cannabis as a Catalyst for Change. A global keynote speaker, Jason has given talks at events for Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Oracle, Adobe, Electronic Arts, Cannes Lions, Tribeca Film Festival, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, 20th Century Fox, Cosmopolitan, PHD Worldwide, Google Zeitgeist, TED Global, The Economist, and more. Sir Richard Branson recently stated that “Jason explains that ideas transform us, transport us, and make us question life as we know it […] His message is clear, look at the world without boundaries, and anything is possible. As Jason explains, we are all broadcasters and publishers – it’s up to us to spread ideas out into the world, to the benefit of mankind.”


Holly Aubry

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