Collegis Education Releases Informational Guide on New iOS 13 iPhone Update and Its Impact on College Recruitment Strategies

Guide details new call-blocking feature and provides strategies to ensure admissions processes thrive

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#admissionsCollegis Education, a technology-enabled, revenue-growth management (RGM) company, is pleased to announce the release of its newest informational guide titled, How will the new iOS 13 iPhone update affect college recruitment strategies? Apple® recently announced its soon-to-be-released iOS®13 software update, which includes a call-blocking feature to silence unknown callers. Shortly before the announcement, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) stated that all mobile carriers would now have the ability to block unwanted calls. In this new guide, Collegis helps colleges and universities understand these changes and how to adapt and evolve their admissions processes.

“One of the biggest hurdles in higher education recruitment today is when admissions calls get mistaken for robocalls. And with the rise of spam calls in the past few years, college recruitment strategies have had to evolve to stay effective,” said Susan Hammerstrom, executive vice president of partner experience at Collegis Education. “Collegis believes communication and outreach via the phone have been, and continue to be, critical components of the student enrollment process. Our student recruitment experts believe a resolution to the update will be mostly communication-based rather than technology-based, and we’re excited to share our expertise and help guide institutions through these changes to ensure their admissions processes thrive.”

Informational Guide Features

  • Receive information on how these changes may impact your current engagement strategies.
  • Learn how to overcome engagement hurdles by evolving your admissions process.
  • Discover ideas on how to merge your phone strategies with other outreach tactics.

To learn more about the iOS®13 software update and what Collegis Education recommends admissions teams do about it, click here.

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