Claypaky Fixtures Light Record-Setting Polish Concert

Warsaw’s PGE Narodowy Stadium scored a first in its history when it sold out a concert of Polish artists to an enthusiastic audience nearly of 60,000 fans.  Co-headliners hip-hop artist Taco Hemingway and pop artist Dawid Podsiadlo are recognized as a new wave of talented Polish performers so Pawel “Spider” Pajak gave them the star treatment with a complement of Claypaky fixtures lighting their acts.

“Thiswas very a special gig for the music industry in Poland; I would say it was a kind of game changer for Polish artists and the music market here,” says Pajak, who is founder of creative collaboration platform, Percepto [LAB].  He acted as Lighting Designer, Production Designer and Creative Visual Director for the show and is a long-time collaborator of Podsiadlo’s.

“The overall design of the show was based on a huge LED canvas with a total width of about 60 meters,” he explains. “The huge LED wall consisted of five surfaces joined together at different angles as one screen.  One of the key lighting design elements was a frame made of LED lights all around to emphasize the shape of the stage.  There were also eight separate truss block elements joined at angles and hung on Kinesys motors to get variations of truss positions above the stage.  Four of them were dedicated to lighting only and four to lighting and LED screens.”

Pajak selected nine Claypaky Scenius Profiles, nine Scenius Unicos and 32 A.leda B-EYE K20 fixtures for the two artists. “Claypaky fixtures have been one of my first choices for many years,” he reports.  “I know the quality of the products, and I use my favorite fixtures for most of the shows I do.”

Pajak positioned theScenius Profiles on the front truss to provide basic front lighting for each band member; he also utilized the Profiles for Podsiadlo’s turn in the show.  The Scenius Unicos were mounted on the upstage truss and used as key lights for band members as well as to create some beam looks on stage.  TheB-EYEs were on four delay towers to light the audience and act as audience effects lights.

“All of the Claypaky fixtures performed very well,” Pajak says.  “There were no technical problems during rehearsals or the show itself.”

Transcolor was the lighting vendor for the fixtures. Prolight is Claypaky’s distributor in Poland.

East Eventz produced the record-setting concert. Percepto[LAB] was responsible for creative visual production and show execution.

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