Cinamaker Meeting Director App Brings New Interactive, Multicamera User Experience to Virtual Meetings

Zoom to feature the new app at its Zoomtopia User Conference, October 14-15

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#livestreamCinamaker, the easy-to-use and affordable live video production platform, today announced the release of its new Cinamaker Meeting Director app, which brings a rich broadcast-quality, multicamera experience to any Zoom live meeting, webinar and event.

The powerful yet lightweight solution allows any user, regardless of experience level, to integrate multiple camera angles and add graphics, pre-recorded video and multiple audio sources to Zoom, all through a simple Mac app. Using webcams, iPhones, iPads, or digital cameras, users can greatly enhance the virtual experience delivered to their live attendees.

“Meeting Director represents the next evolutionary stage of virtual meetings and an entirely new, more compelling way to host and experience online events” said Cinamaker founder and CEO Benjamin Nowak. “We’re all facing online meeting fatigue. The app brings high-quality, professional video experiences to virtual meetings and events, and democratizes video production through a simple, fun, and affordable solution designed for anyone to use.”

As part of its partnership with Zoom, the newly released Cinamaker Meeting Director app will be featured in Zoom’s partner product showcase at the virtual Zoomtopia 2020 user conference, October 14-15.

Meeting Director is available for download on The company’s free version has limited features and watermarking. The paid version offers a full suite of features and unlimited access for a low monthly or annual fee.

Meeting Director grew out of the company’s flagship platform, Cinamaker Multicam Studio, which merges proprietary technology with the latest IP to enable the next generation of live video production and post-production workflows with more speed, mobility, features, and cost savings. Users can connect, preview, live edit, record, live stream and edit in playback multiple iPhones, digital cameras, and external audio and digital sources, include newsroom-quality graphics, b-roll video, and visual effects.

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About Cinamaker

Cinamaker is a broadcast-quality live video platform that gives users of all levels a fast, easy, fun, and affordable way to live stream, record, and edit interactive online video meetings, live streams, and professional-grade video. Using Cinamaker Multicam Studio, video creators can connect multiple iOS and/or digital video cameras to create video like a pro. The platform saves countless hours of production and post-production by networking all video and audio sources in PerfectSync™ and seamlessly transferring high bitrate HD video over a WiFi or Ethernet network.


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