Cicero Diagnostics Introduces Fertility App for ReceptivaDx

As more women seek information on ReceptivaDx for unexplained infertility and pregnancy loss, new app adds value for both physician staff and patients

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#endometriosis–Cicero Diagnostics Inc., a women’s healthcare diagnostic company offering the ReceptivaDx™ test for unexplained infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss, today announced the availability of a new app for IOS and Android called ReceptivaDxTest. The app is an informational and educational tool designed to support women and physicians through their experience with the ReceptivaDx test.

The ReceptivaDx app home screen presents two user options. One section is for healthcare professionals, and the other is for women and families. Each section has information and resources specifically tailored to the respective group. In-app resources allow women to schedule free consultations with Cicero Diagnostics or find local clinics that offer the test.

Cicero Diagnostics initially launched the app as a tool to guide physicians who were unfamiliar with the test and help the staff through the process of sample collection, test submission, and interpreting results. The women and families section of the app explains what the test detects and how it can make a difference in their fertility journey.

“We wanted to design a tool that did more than educate,” said CEO Chris Jackson. “We wanted the app to facilitate conversations between patients and their physicians and empower women with the information they need to get tested. So often, patients are searching for answers and spend hours scouring the internet. The dual-focused nature of the app allows doctors to become more familiar with the ReceptivaDx test, and for women, it gives them the confidence they need to request the test from their fertility clinic or OB. Since its soft release last year, the app has become an essential tool for many users and patients.”

About Cicero Diagnostics

Cicero Diagnostics is a medical diagnostic company located in Huntington Beach, California. ReceptivaDx™ is the company’s signature test panel in the area of unexplained infertility. Cicero Diagnostics is the exclusive licensed provider of the BCL6 test for the detection of uterine lining dysfunction commonly associated with endometriosis. Cicero works with IVF centers across the U.S. and in 15 other countries. Cicero Diagnostics continues to expand their offering globally and is investing in continued research in the field. Cicero’s diagnostics is currently being used at more than 300 infertility centers across the country. Cicero is proud to partner with providers working to help solve female infertility issues. The app was designed by BuildFire, a leader in app development and hosting.


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