Chia Creates Cultivation Grant Program to Fund High-Potential Projects

Company further boosts commitment to growing its ecosystem by supporting innovation

Emergent Coin recipient of first Cultivation Grant for creation of decentralized apps

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Chia Network, Inc., a new energy-efficient decentralized blockchain founded by Bram Cohen, today announced the launch of its Chia Cultivation Grant Program to support developers who want to create and apply tools that grow the broader Chia ecosystem.

Through the program, interested developers and teams are encouraged to submit applications detailing their proposed project and the anticipated funding needed to bring it to life. The most striking applications are then advanced to a review committee of Chia executives who are committed to providing financial support to visionary projects ranging from wallets and blockchain tools to applications on the Chialisp chain development environment.

“Chia’s mission centers around crowd-sourced and open-sourced contributions to strengthen our network and expand the technology’s capabilities,” said J. Eckert, Vice President of Ecosystem Operations at Chia. “We can’t do it alone, and that’s why we’re proud to launch a program that embodies the creativity, community and collaboration that are crucial for the future of our ecosystem.”

The first recipient of the Cultivation Grant is Emergent Coin, a company focused on creating decentralized apps to help build the broader Chia ecosystem. With the aid of funds from the Chia Cultivation Grant, the Emergent team has launched a free, open-source cryptocurrency Wallet available today on as a webapp, and on iOS, Android, and as a browser-extension coming soon.

“Today’s milestone is significant for Emergent, and Chia was instrumental in getting us here,” said Dustin Ward, an Advisor at Emergent Coin. “Our new decentralized Chia wallet is designed to be accessible and user-friendly, welcoming a range of users who are looking for a simple yet sophisticated experience.”

“We’re confident that Emergent and all future grant recipients are at the forefront of adoption, expansion and innovation in cryptocurrency and blockchain, and that’s exactly why this program exists,” added Eckert. “We’re just getting started, and the innovative potential is limitless.”

For more information about the Chia Cultivation Grant Program, how to apply and other frequently asked questions, please visit or email To learn more about Chia Network, go to

About Chia Network

Chia Network Inc. is a state-of-the-art open-source decentralized blockchain, digital currency and smart transaction platform. Founded by Bram Cohen, inventor of BitTorrent, the Company believes that “digital money” should be easier to use than cash, harder to lose and nearly impossible to steal. Using the first new secure Nakamoto consensus algorithm invented since Bitcoin, Chia operates an eco-friendly, secure and user-friendly system for cross border payments, issuing and exchanging financial assets, lending, escrow payments, institutional custody and distributed identity. Chia’s blockchain is based on “Proof of Space and Time” which has a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to “Proof of Work,” used by all other crypto networks. Built on Chialisp, the company’s smart coin language, Chia’s blockchain allows its users to build and execute secure “smart coin” transactions.

The Company is funded by leading venture capitalists including Richmond Global Ventures, Slow Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Naval Ravikant, True Ventures, Cygni Capital, Galaxy Digital, Greylock, MetaStable, Stillmark, DCM, and others. Chia’s advisors include Dr. Dan Boneh, Research Partner at a16z and Applied Cryptography Professor at Stanford University; David Frazee, Managing Partner at Richmond Global Ventures; Katie Haun, General Partner at a16z; Dr. Krzysztof Pietrzak, Cryptography Professor of IST Austria. For more information, visit and connect with us on Twitter (@chia_project), Facebook, GitHub, Reddit, and LinkedIn.


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