Chaos Acquires AXYZ design and Its 4D Animated Human Technology for Archviz

Industry-Standard for 4D Animations and Neural Crowds Joins Chaos’ Professional 3D Ecosystem for Architects and Designers

KARLSRUHE, Germany — July 11, 2023 — Today, Chaos announces its acquisition of AXYZ design, a leading developer of 3D/4D animation software designed to add realistic people and crowds to architectural visualizations. This acquisition expands a growing ecosystem of real-time visualization tools, photorealistic renderers and 3D asset libraries that help teams realize built experiences around the world.

Used by powerhouses like HOK and Gensler, AXYZ’s anima 5 software is one of the fastest ways to bring dynamic 3D/4D people into a visualization. Featuring over 2,500 scanned characters, anima helps designers add high-fidelity digital humans that walk, run, laugh and move to their scenes, giving projects a realistic quality that immerses viewers in a design. With onboard tools for tailoring loops and AI crowds, there’s no better way to bring believable movement into a visual project.

Increasing the breadth of digital people has been a top request from customers, particularly in architecture. With the acquisition of anima, Chaos can meet the needs of its customers while setting up new ways to make high-fidelity 3D/4D human character assets more accessible than they’ve ever been. Chaos is currently planning how to best integrate the software with existing products like Chaos V-Ray and Chaos Corona, whose users already use anima on a daily basis.

As architects introduce new ways to explore sustainability, biophilic urbanism and more in their designs, giving stakeholders a sense of how different people might use these spaces will only become more important. In the last few years, AXYZ has also paid special attention to increasing character diversity, so architects can match designs to the demographics of a city. 

“AXYZ’s state-of-the-art assets give life to projects, so they actually connect with people,” said Christian Lang, Chaos CEO. “Anyone that’s been in architecture for a while knows how impactful digital humans are to the design and marketing process. 4D people is the next step in our journey.”

Access to anima will remain unchanged for all new and existing customers. Chaos will continue collaborating with AXYZ, as it continues to build on its recent support of anima characters in Chaos Vantage 2.

“When it comes to visualization, the Chaos products are unmatched,” says Diego Gadler, CEO and founder of AXYZ design. “By combining forces, we can move fast and create the type of products that make designers excited to go to work. The best is yet to come!”

About Chaos 

Chaos develops 3D visualization technology for architecture, engineering, construction, media and entertainment, product design and manufacturing, creating intuitive and powerful workflows for participants across the entire design spectrum.

In 2022 Chaos merged with Enscape and acquired Cylindo. The company’s product portfolio includes V-Ray, a physically based renderer honored with an Academy Award and an Engineering Emmy; Enscape, a high-quality real-time rendering and virtual reality plugin; Corona, a high-performance photorealistic rendering engine; and Cylindo, a 3D furniture product visualization platform for commerce.

Chaos is now the largest global 3D visualization company and has more than 700 employees and offices in Karlsruhe, Germany; London, UK; New York, Los Angeles, Boston, USA; Sofia, Bulgaria; Copenhagen, Denmark; Bitola, Skopje, North Macedonia; Prague, Czechia; Seoul, South Korea; Tokyo, Japan. For more information, visit, and

About AXYZ design

AXYZ design is an Italian company that specializes in creating high-quality 3D models of people and characters for use in a variety of industries, including architecture, gaming and animation. AXYZ design has an extensive library of 3D models that are highly detailed and can be easily integrated into any project. Their models include a wide range of poses, clothing and accessories, and are created using advanced modeling techniques to ensure accuracy and realism. AXYZ design’s models are used by professionals all over the world and are widely recognized for their quality and versatility.

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