Change Healthcare Continues to Lead the Industry in Taking Enterprise Imaging to the Cloud

Company delivers on last year’s roadmap milestones and continues to advance cloud-native suite of tools to lead industry to the future of enterprise imaging

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#changehealthcare–Change Healthcare (Nasdaq: CHNG), today announced the successful introduction of its first cloud-based medical tools for radiologists and other specialties along with its roadmap to help healthcare organizations begin their migration of medical imaging to the cloud. This suite of cloud-based medical tools will allow radiologists to have a broader set of available imaging and more complete patient history when making a diagnosis. The capabilities are assisted by AI and enable secure delivery to any device, anywhere. By empowering access to a broader set of patient data, radiologists will now be able to get a more comprehensive view of the overall patient, assisting in a more accurate and confident diagnosis and communication and collaboration with the rest of their patient’s care team.

“Change Healthcare has a proven record of delivering its promises to our customers as we continue to innovate the industry’s first cloud-native enterprise imaging solution,” said Tracy Byers, senior vice president and general manager, Enterprise Imaging, at Change Healthcare. “This new suite of capabilities allows us to be there when and where our customers need us.”

Accessibility to imaging data at scale and delivery of productivity improvements on a regular cadence has been difficult to achieve with the traditional model of software hosted on healthcare provider workstations, servers, and networks. Imaging files are large, requiring high-performance systems and top-level security, resulting in slower adoption of cloud solutions in medical imaging to date. The pandemic has accelerated the need for cloud-based solutions for radiologists and other healthcare team members to access, see, analyze, and share images and diagnostic information from anywhere, even on their phone.

“Change Healthcare Enterprise Imaging Network™ Analytics has allowed us to achieve real-time review of our routine imaging data, without relying on reports three months in arrears or from various sources using their own source data ‘truth,’” said Matthew Brady, MD, president of Roper Radiologists PA. “Further, for niche quality or utilization questions, we can now perform on-the-fly review of the entire set of our data, without relying on painstaking limited subset samples.”

To help doctors and health systems begin their cloud-based medical imaging journey, Change Healthcare’s in-market and coming suite of cloud-native enterprise imaging solutions provides a security enabled single-platform portfolio to:

  • Centralize data and facilitate secure access with HITRUST-certified, SOC2-certified, and HIPAA-compliance supported solutions to help radiologists realize a quicker, more accurate workflow and images
  • Help ensure that radiologists have the latest tools available through the delivery of browser-based cloud-native software as a service (SaaS), enabling instant and automatic upgrades while retaining individual physician preferences for display and workflow
  • Enable image-sharing capabilities that allow healthcare organizations to support secure sharing of patient imaging files with other physicians, eliminating the need for the burning of CDs and relying on couriers, the mail, or patients to transfer the files, eliminating expense and delay
  • Empower the delivery of patient care through robust and intuitive analytics, letting doctors and healthcare organizations focus on improving care

“Imaging Exchange has allowed us to get out of the CD burning business,” said Ed Sippel, Information Technology Director, Kansas Imaging Consultants. “If sites are demanding CDs, we tell them we will send them the images via Imaging Exchange and then they have the option of burning a disc if they would like. If it is a site using Imaging Exchange, the images are there in an instant. This is great for trauma patients. The images can be there before the patient arrives, so the receiving hospital can be ready when the patient arrives.”

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