Caspar.AI Launches with Apple HealthKit to Promote 24/7 Wellness

CUPERTINO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Caspar.AI launches with Apple Healthkit to provide wellness features for their residents. “My home motivates me to live healthy! I get daily metrics about my activity levels and sleep quality,” said Kim, a resident at one of the Caspar AI homes. With people confined to their homes due to Covid-19, it is increasingly important for them to be active.

24/7 wellness without wearables

However, the watch does not work if residents remove it for charging, for shower, or simply forget to wear it. Caspar AI uses ambient sensing from the home to compute the wellness analytics such as activity levels and sends them to the Apple Healthkit – this gives residents a cohesive 24/7 view of their wellness. And keeps even the most health-conscious residents satisfied with analytics.

Seniors benefited most

In a senior community in Las Vegas called Revel, the residents achieved a 40% increase in activity levels during three months of the pandemic. Caspar.AI home motivated the residents daily with wellness metrics and with activity advice from an automatic lifestyle coach. With these metrics, the community staff gained better insights into resident’s wellbeing and were able to cater more personalized quality care. “The team and residents at Revel Rancharrah and Revel Vegas have embraced the benefits of using Caspar AI. The many technology functions have proved to be very valuable for us,” said leaders at Revel Communities.

I’m so relieved that my mom is active everyday

I get a message every morning on how my mom is doing, and I’m relieved to know that she is well, especially during these challenging times,” said Caitlin, the daughter of a Revel resident. Residents can share their wellness metrics with their family, allowing them to get insight into their loved one’s well-being. For seniors requiring more care, Caspar AI also reports additional analytics like water intake. For Revel staff, having the family informed with automatic wellness reports freed up time for additional resident care.

Award winning AI homes available across US

“This partnership allows us to provide a seamless wellness experience for our Apple residents and reach even more communities in the US, Japan and Europe,” said Ashutosh Saxena, CEO & Founder of Caspar.AI. Recently, the San Francisco Business Times listed Caspar.AI as the top 100 fastest growing companies for their contributions to senior living and real estate technology.


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