Canon Announces EOS C70 Cinema Camera, Combining the Best of the Cinema EOS and R Series; More Info at B&H

NEW YORK, Sept. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — If you’ve ever been stuck between deciding between a larger cinema camera and a smaller DSLR-sized camera for video field productions, Canon now has a solution with the EOS C70 professional cinema camera in a new, compact design that combines a highly mobile form factor with a cinema-quality Super 35 image sensor. The long list of impressive professional features packed into the C70’s tiny form include Canon’s new RF lens mount to add Canon’s quick-change cinema lenses, recording resolutions and frame rates up to 4K120, 16 stops of dynamic range, Canon Log recording, EOS iTR AF X autotracking, horizontal and vertical shooting support, dual-pixel autofocus, built-in dual mini-XLR inputs, electronic image stabilization, and a built-in ND filter system.

The Canon C70 features a cinema-sized Super 35 dual gain output (DGO) sensor with extremely low noise that provides 4K images with 16 stops of dynamic range for an advanced solution to complex lighting requirements. Its DIG!C DV7 image processor provides additional sensor recording features such as dual-pixel autofocus, HDR output, electronic image stabilization (EIS), high frame rate recording, auto-ISO and gain control, as well as proxy recording on the highest resolution images, as well as with lower resolution recordings. Essential to cinema-style video, Canon Log recording is also supported by the C70 by including Canon Log 2, Log 3, PQ, and HLG to provide a wide range of color and lighting workflows for post-production color grading. The camera also allows you to import your own 3D LUTs to use while you are shooting, so you can match any workflow. Canon’s EOS iTR AF X provides face detection and autotracking modes, allowing you to follow a subject automatically without having to re-light or refocus during motion shots. Another essential motion shooting aid is electronic image stabilization to correct shake and vibration within the camera, rather than relying on an IS lens to do all the work.

Canon EOS C70 Cinema Camera

Key Features         

  • Super35 Dual Gain Output (DGO) Sensor
  • 4K 120p, 2K Crop 180p HDR Capture
  • Canon Log 2, 3, PQ & HLG Recording
  • RF Lens Mount / EF Mount with Adapter

The camera’s small form is complemented with the inclusion of the RF mount that allows you to utilize Canon’s line of compact RF cinema lenses, but the C70 also makes it easy to add an optional lens adapter to use your existing EF lenses as well as filter mount and control ring adapters, opening up a wide variety of options. The body also makes it easy to shoot in either horizontal or vertical mode to satisfy vlogging apps such as TikTok or Instagram with the addition of a ¼”-20 mounting thread on the right-side camera grip. There is also a crisp, bright touchscreen fold-out monitor that allows you to quickly manage settings using direct touch control alongside the inclusion of buttons, depending on your preference.

Another important feature is the addition of two mini-XLR inputs, allowing you to add audio from professional microphones to your recordings without requiring any adapters. There is a manual dial to control the volume, and of course there is a headphone output to monitor your audio input. Another handy and time-saving feature maintained from the cinema line is the addition of built-in ND filters, allowing you to add up to 10 stops of neutral density filtering to cover a wide variety of lighting situations. To fit the C70 into professional productions and sync with other cameras, a BNC timecode input/output port is also incorporated. Recording is achieved with dual SD card slots that can record simultaneously XF-AVC, proxy-style, and/or 4K resolution formats in the same format on both cards or in different formats on each card. The camera supports high frame-rate recording in 4K up to 120 fps for slow motion, or even up to 180 fps in 2K mode. Dual-pixel autofocus will be supported in all modes, including the high frame-rate modes, which is a great bonus when your shoots are in motion but you need high-resolution recording.

Finally, the C70 can utilize a wide range of accessories and controllers such as the RC-V100 wireless remote controller to control the camera’s operation from a distance, BP-A series batteries, and numerous lens mount adapters. The base camera model will include a battery, battery charger, power adapter, microphone holder, top handle, and shoulder strap to get you started.

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Canon EOS C70 Cinema Camera | First Look 

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