Brill AV Delivers Analog Way Aquilon Solution for High-Resolution LED Videowall Content in Paris

Budapest-based Brill Audio Visual Ltd. provided Analog Way’s new Aquilon RS2 LivePremier™ image processor and presentation system with a Shot Box² controller and Picturall Pro media server for a major corporate event in Paris.

The AV rental company delivered the Analog Way solution to a medical firm’s annual summit of experts.  The event featured an LED videowall measuring 30 x 4 meters with a total resolution of more than 17 million pixels. Equivalent to slightly more than twice the bandwidth of 4K, the videowall required stable processing and playback of content.  The Analog Way solution offered pixel-precise processing of the LED videowall with eight scalable 4K layers spread across the wall and downstage monitors.

“We wanted to go big!  The visual impact and the message at this event were key,” says Aric Resnick with Brill AV.  “The stage design was clean and simple with a custom built desk with monitors and custom lecterns.

“We decided to go with a large 2.6mm LED videowall with a total resolution of 11520 x 1536 pixels. The wall sat on top of a one-meter structure to achieve a total height of five meters, which ended up fitting the room really nicely.”

Resnick notes that Brill AV has been using Analog Way equipment on projects for quite a while now.  “We can always rely on the equipment’s stability and performance,” he says.  

“For the Paris summit we used Aquilon as our switcher to send the content to the LED controllers then on to the wall, with splits to the desk monitors and confidence monitors.  Plus, there were camera feeds for a full program record,” he explains.  Aquilon RS2 enabled native live backgrounds with scalable seamless mixing of 4K layers on top while providing feeds for the downstage monitors and multiviewer outputs. The show’s audio console was also connected to Aquilon via Dante™.

The Picturall Pro fed the native live backgrounds to the videowall and additional standard media.  Aquilon was easily controlled by the Shot Box².

“Aquilon enabled us to have one operator control the switching and media servers,” Resnick points out.  “Both units worked seamlessly and flawlessly. All involved were very happy.  We couldn’t have done this event without the support of Analog Way.”

Lukas Falgenhauer, Analog Way’s Regional Sales Manager for Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Eastern Europe, commented, “An Aquilon LivePremier™ presentation system and a Picturall™ media server are the best combination for driving all kind of events, especially when you need high reliability and performance.”

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