Brightline’s ZELo Desktop Studio Light Helps Mizzen Marketing Sales Team Improve Customer Interactions

Bridgeville, Penn. – May 25, 2021 – Brightline, a leading manufacturer of video lighting systems, today announced its ZELo desktop studio light is being used by the sales force of Mizzen Marketing, an independent manufacturers rep, to improve interactions with potential customers during videoconferencing meetings.

“ZELo gives the Mizzen Marketing team a consistent look across all of our offices,” said Dave Taylor, owner of Mizzen Marketing. “The lighting is even and diffused, which is what you’re looking for when lighting a person’s face.”

Mizzen’s six-man sales team works from home or small individual offices, and each team member is now equipped with a ZELo. Between intra-office meetings and client interactions, Taylor estimated his company uses their lights 100 times a week. “Brightline knows lighting for video,” Taylor said, “and they’ve leveraged their decades of knowledge for the benefit of those of us working from home.”

Last spring, like many other companies, Mizzen had to shift quickly to a sales model built around virtual meetings via web-based videoconferencing platforms. Before the COVID-19 shutdowns, its sales team frequently visited dealers, integrators, consultants, and end users.

“We went from being behind the windshields of our cars traveling to meetings and on-site demos to not being able to do any in-person activities virtually overnight,” Taylor recalled. “But we still had a responsibility to our manufacturing partners to help them find opportunities for their products to be sold, installed, and used.”

While some companies have employees returning to their offices, many are not yet allowing in-person visits from outside agencies. As a result, Taylor expects to maintain a hybrid business model moving forward, which means continued reliance on videoconferencing platforms for sales efforts.

Based in Mansfield, Texas, for 16 years, Mizzen is the sales and marketing arm for about a dozen AV, audio, and video equipment companies, including Absen, AtlasIED, and TASCAM. Taylor said he wants potential customers to focus on the content of his presentations, not be distracted by poor video quality.

“Brightline lighting is what we use to remove the distractions from the stories we are here to tell,” Taylor added. “Good lighting can make up for the sins of bad cameras and poor camera positioning. ZELo has been critical for the survivability of our business.”

Taylor also appreciates the flexibility of the ZELo. The light itself can be tilted and rotated, and its telescoping arm can raise or lower the light to provide clearance over most desktop monitors. Plus, the light offers variable color temperature control, so it blends with any ambient room light.

“One of the things I really love about it is that I can manage it from an app,” he said. “I can adjust the color temperature and brightness, and that allows me to make my video look however I want it to look. It’s incredible.”

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