Brands Urged to “Switch on Genius” to Engage and Convert Sports Fans

NEW YORK & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Genius Sports Limited (“Genius Sports”) (NYSE:GENI), the official data, technology and broadcast partner that powers the ecosystem connecting sports, betting and media, has today launched a new campaign encouraging brands to “Switch on Genius” to attract, engage and activate sports fans.

Watch the “Switch on Genius” campaign video here:

Sports fans are amongst the most engaged and passionate consumers in the world. However, as sports sponsorship evolves in an increasingly digital and fragmented landscape, it has become more difficult for brands to capture and retain fans’ attention.

The newly launched “Switch on Genius” campaign will raise awareness amongst a broad spectrum of brands as to how highly personalized, dynamic and data-driven content builds stronger connections with fans.

“We live in a highly saturated digital environment where brands find it difficult to cut through the noise to build consistent and valuable relationships with sports audiences,” said Josh Linforth, Managing Director of Media & Engagement at Genius Sports.

“As traditional sponsorship tactics struggle to deliver the same ROI as they did previously, Switch on Genius shines a light on how we help make that connection in a more effective and efficient way. Our unique access to fan audiences combined with live sports data gives brands endless ways to connect what’s going on in the live game to their campaigns. So, whether it’s a team scoring a touchdown or a game going to overtime, brands can ensure their creative and messaging stay relevant to capture the excitement of live sports.”

Genius Sports’ set of Media & Engagement solutions includes sports-specific media buying technology, personalized videos and a suite of free-to-play games, all designed to help brands activate fans – whether they are a sports sponsor or not.

Genius Sports is already the trusted partner to major brands worldwide, including Heineken, Jersey Mike’s, Captain Morgan, Dominos, British Airways and many more.


About Genius Sports

Genius Sports is the official data, technology and broadcast partner that powers the global ecosystem connecting sports, betting and media. Our technology is used in over 150 countries worldwide, creating highly immersive products that enrich fan experiences for the entire sports industry.

We are the trusted partner to over 400 sports organizations, including many of the world’s largest leagues and federations such as the NFL, EPL, FIBA, NCAA, NASCAR, AFA and Liga MX.

Genius Sports is uniquely positioned through cutting-edge technology, scale and global reach to support our partners. Our innovative use of big data, computer vision, machine learning, and augmented reality, connects the entire sports ecosystem from the rights holder all the way through to the fan.



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