BioCoach Reaches $100 Million Valuation for Its Innovative Approach to Digital Health Solutions

Health Technology Innovator Announces Seed Round to Fund Platform Growth

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BioCoach, a leader in direct-to-consumer in-vitro diagnostic testing, today announced it has received $4 million in funding from SecretLab LLC to kick metabolic disease in the a**. The seed round will allow BioCoach to begin to scale its new digital health platform.

“No one gets it,” said BioCoach Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer Logan Delgado. “Metabolic disease is one of the biggest problems facing our country right now. And the current solutions for it suck. We want to empower people and let them know they can take control of their health. And that’s what this investment will help us do.”

BioCoach recently received FDA 510 (k) clearance for a next-generation glucose and ketone monitoring system, and is launching its integrated at-home health management system, which features integrations with Walmart, Apple Health, coaching, data analytics and more.

“There’s a real value and authenticity behind BioCoach,” said SecretLab LLC CEO Jason Bright. “The tech we’ve built is truly one of a kind, and BioCoach’s mission of making healthy living simple is something SecretLab is so proud to invest in.”

The $4 million seed investment in BioCoach now values the health and wellness company — and its affiliated brands — at $100 million.

“Healthcare in America is broken,” said BioCoach CEO Matt Payne. “The pandemic highlighted that for too many people in America the cards are stacked against them. If Big Food, Big Pharma and Big Healthcare are the empire, BioCoach is arming the rebels.”

About BioCoach

BioCoach exists to help guide the many individuals suffering from poor metabolic health that has already led or is leading to obesity, diabetes, prediabetes and other chronic health conditions. BioCoach provides real solutions to help individuals assess their health, take control of it and never look back. For more information, visit


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